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NewAir Launches the Ultimate Beverage Cooler for Entertaining

NewAir Launches the Ultimate Beverage Cooler for Entertaining


Wine or beer? With NewAir’s AWB-400DB Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, craft beer lovers and wine drinkers no longer have to fight for control of the home bar.

The new beverage cooler’s design offers two cooling zones: one designed to chill carbonated beverages down to a chilly 36 degrees, and one designed to store fine wine at cellar-perfect temperatures of 50 to 66 degrees.

“There are plenty of wine fridges out there that offer dual-zone cooling for reds and whites, but we wanted to offer even more versatility,” said Andrew Stephenson, Director of Product Marketing at NewAir Appliances. “Why not give people one place to keep wine, beer and soda all together?”

In addition to the two temperature compartments, each section sports interior fittings designed to keep wine and beer at their best. The upper zone offers modular SplitShelf™ configurations that let users double-stack standard cans to maximize storage space. These customizable shelves are easily removable to make space for taller bottles as well.

The lower zone features two pull-out shelves that provide space for up to 20 bottles of wine. “These smooth-rolling shelves allow wine lovers to keep corks moist and easily read the labels of their bottles. Finding the perfect bottle for dinner and serving it at the perfect temperature has never been easier,” said Stephenson.

The AWB-400DB comes with many of the design features that make NewAir’s signature beverage refrigerators stand out, including stainless steel doors, triple-paned glass and interior LED lighting.

“We’ve combined the best features of our beer and wine fridges into one great appliance for the home,” said Stephenson. “Now people who love both beer and wine can have both ready to pour whenever they like.”

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California-based NewAir Appliances is a distributor of compact home appliances, including everything from beverage coolers to portable laundry solutions. Their wide range of products are carried by the largest retailers in North America, and NewAir is dedicated to exceptional customer service at their responsive in-house call center. NewAir’s focus on value and quality over the past 15 years has made them one of the most trusted names in home appliances. See all of their products at http://www.newair.com.

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