CARMEL WINERY Introduces New Private Collection Series To U.S. Market

From Carmel Winery, one of the first and largest winemakers in Israel, comes a new Private Collection series that showcases the country’s most prized growing regions and the venerated producer’s 137 years of winemaking expertise. Carmel’s Private Collection wines are consistently acclaimed for their high quality and are characterized by their fruit-forward qualities from the […]

America’s Best Wine Festival – Paso’s Garagiste Movement – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This November, The Garagiste Festival, which was named America’s Best Wine Festival by USA Today, returns to its birthplace in Paso Robles for the ninth year in a row.  Considered a local institution, since launching in 2011, the Garagiste Festival has incubated hundreds of ground-breaking, small lot winemakers and helped launch the American Garagiste wine […]