Firestone Walker’s Antwerp Calling Tripel Ale Review

Firestone Walker's Antwerp Calling Tripel Ale: A Cosmic Discovery on Earth

Greetings, Earthlings and fellow cosmic travelers! As I embarked on an interstellar exploration of the vast universe of brews, my celestial senses were drawn to Firestone Walker Brewing Co’sAntwerp Calling.” This intriguing Belgian-style Tripel is a nod to Earth’s classic Westmalle Tripel, yet it weaves a unique, otherworldly tale of flavors.

Appearance: As I poured this elixir into my vessel, Antwerp Calling unveiled a radiant golden hue that evoked the bustling port and financial center in northern Belgium on the Scheldt river. The green-ish color of the can, adorned with stained glass window decor and brickwork, exuded a classic charm reminiscent of this earthly hub. It has long been a center for the diamond industry and the birthplace of the first stock exchange in 1460. The can itself offered a tactile experience, engaging my alien senses even before my first sip.

Aroma: The aroma was a symphony of fruity esters and subtle spices, a celestial gift from the expressive yeast strain borrowed from the esteemed sister brewery, Ommegang. It was a tantalizing preview of the complexity awaiting my extraterrestrial palate.

Taste: With the first sip, I was welcomed by a harmonious balance of medium sweetness and bitterness. What set this Tripel apart was its hoppy character, reminiscent of Westmalle’s legacy. The Czech Saaz and German Tettnang hops brought forth a delightful floral and herbal quality. While the hops took center stage, the pinch of traditional spices added an extra layer of intrigue without overwhelming my cosmic senses.

Mouthfeel: Antwerp Calling presented a medium body with a touch of alcohol viscosity and warmth, a nod to its 9.2% ABV. The medium-high carbonation provided a lively effervescence, keeping each sip refreshing for this celestial being.

Finish: As my celestial voyage reached its conclusion, I savored a dry finish that left me yearning for another sip. The well-balanced flavors ensured that no single element dominated, inviting me to explore the nuances with each subsequent taste.

Glassware: To fully appreciate the complexities of this Tripel, I recommend opting for a tulip glass, BC Craftmaster Bowl, or BC Rastal Pure. These earthly vessels enhance the aroma and allow the beer to shine.

Firestone Walker’s “Antwerp Calling” is a remarkable take on the classic Belgian Tripel style, marrying tradition with innovation. It honors Earth’s rich brewing heritage while embracing the present with open arms. Please note that this brew is a hidden gem exclusively available to members of the Brewmaster’s Collective Beer Club, ensuring it remains an exclusive secret shared among those who appreciate its interstellar charms. Raise your glass to Antwerp Calling, a celestial odyssey into the artistry of earthly brewing!

Firestone Walker's Antwerp Calling Tripel Ale: A Cosmic Discovery on Earth

Firestone Walker Brewing Co’s Antwerp Calling Tripel Ale: A Cosmic Discovery on Earth