“Pale 31” Embark On A One-Of-A-Kind Beer Review

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Prepare to be amazed as you delve into this extraordinary blend of flavors. “Pale 31” is a pale ale that pushes boundaries, featuring a unique combination of Double Barrel Ale, Nectar IPA, Union Jack, and a twist of Trader Joe’s Mission St. Pale. This unprecedented concoction takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

What makes “Pale 31” intriguing is its unique backstory. This exceptional blend has never been released under the Firestone Walker brand before, originally being the recipe for Trader Joe’s Mission St. Pale. It has now been redesigned and evolved into a beer that can stand on its own, demonstrating the brewing team’s inventiveness and originality.

Pale 31" Embark on a one-of-a-kind beer adventure

Furthermore, “Pale 31,” has become the holy grail for beer aficionados, as it can only be obtained by becoming a cherished member of the renowned “Brewmaster’s Collective” beer club. This elusive brew remains a coveted gem exclusively accessible to those fortunate enough to be part of this esteemed club.

Pale 31” delivers a flavour profile that is both familiar and unusual because to its unique recipe. The expertly crafted blend consists of 12-20% Union Jack, infusing the beer with its resinous and piney character, while the majority, 80-85%, is comprised of Mission St. Pale, adding its own malty goodness to the mix.

As you raise your glass, the aromas of citrus, floral hops, and a subtle malty sweetness tantalize your senses. The first sip reveals a harmonious fusion of flavors. The smooth maltiness from Mission St. Pale serves as a solid foundation, while the vibrant hop character of Union Jack and Nectar IPA bursts forth with their tropical and citrusy notes, creating a symphony of taste that is truly captivating.

With a medium body and a smooth, satisfying finish, “Pale 31” is a true delight to savor. Whether you drink it on its alone or with your favourite food, its adaptability shines through, increasing your overall beer experience.

If you’re seeking for a pale ale that defies expectations and welcomes you into a world of different flavours, Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s “Pale 31” is an excellent choice. This fantastic blend, made from a fantastic formula, promises to captivate your palate and leave you wanting more. Cheers to the innovation and craftsmanship of “Pale 31“!

“Pale 31” is available to Brewmaster’s Collective Members only