805 Beer Beams Down with a Stellar Female-Led Ad Blast and Epic Partnerships!

Firestone Walker Brewing Company has just unleashed its latest masterpiece for 805 Beer, featuring a female-led ad spot that’s out of this world! Introducing the ‘Authenticos‘—a group of trailblazing athletes and creators who are set to take the galaxy by storm.

Get ready for ‘Reaching the Unknown,’ a thrilling short film starring thru-rider and adventurer Gillian Larson. Plus, gear up with the new apparel line, a stellar collaboration with Authentico and ATWYLD co-founder Anya Violet. And hold onto your seats as 805 Beer teams up with WSL Championship Tour Series and Santa Barbara’s very own surfer sensation, Lakey Peterson.

Launching on International Women’s Day, the ad spot is a cinematic marvel, showcasing these pioneering women who embody the spirit of 805 Beer and its drinkers. From X-Games gold medalist Vicki Golden to professional MMA fighter Tabatha Ricci, this crew is set to inspire galaxies far and wide.

According to Dustin Hinz, Chief Marketing Officer for Firestone Walker, the mission is clear: highlight and support those who dare to dream big and create a platform for others to follow suit. This is just the beginning of a monumental brand campaign for “This Is 805 Beer” in 2024, promising a billion consumer impressions and strengthening connections with drinkers across the cosmos.

But that’s not all! 805 Beer is expanding its universe with a stellar partnership with professional surfer Lakey Peterson. Get ready for films and campaigns that capture her journey as one of surfing’s elite athletes. Born and raised in the 805, Peterson is thrilled to have 805 Beer on her board and part of her team.

Brace yourselves for the release of ‘Reaching The Unknown,’ a captivating short film starring Gillian Larson as she conquers the unknown with her trusty horses. Plus, dive into the world of motorcycle adventures with Babes Ride Out and check out the female-inspired apparel line launching on March 15.

With partnerships like Over and Out Moto and Vicki Golden’s women’s moto camp, 805 Beer is proving that it’s more than just a brand—it’s a lifestyle. According to Nick Firestone, this is just the beginning of an epic journey for the Authentico program. Get ready to blast off into a universe of adventure and inspiration with 805 Beer!”

Other upcoming programming from 805 Beer includes:

  • The release of the 805 Beer short film “Reaching The Unknown” featuring professional thru rider and explorer Gillian Larson. In the film, Larson reminisces over the bond she’s built with her horses, allowing her to face fear and conquer whatever trail she sets out on, including her multiple adventures traversing thousands of miles on the Pacific Coast Trail. [Watch here]
  • 805 Beer has been partnering with Babes Ride Out, the world’s largest women-only motorcycle movement, for over a decade. The Babes are now included in The Dirt adventure series. [Watch 805 Beer’s Babes Ride Out “Back to Borrego” film here]
  • The launch of a female-inspired apparel line from 805 Beer with Authentico and ATWYLD co-founder Anya Violet, which will be available on 805beer.com starting on March 15.
  • 805 Beer’s partnership with Over and Out Moto, Vicki Golden’s women’s moto camp, focuses on teaching dirtbike skills to women of all levels. 805 Beer recently released Golden’s official documentary, Inverted Perspective, chronicling her road to becoming the most-winning woman in X Games history. [Watch here]