Firestone Walker’s CCBA Brewers Collaboration

ccba brewers 1

ccba brewersAfter spending some time back at my home planet, I’m back on planet Earth and already have tried yet again another interesting beer, CCBA Brewers collaboration.

The beers can has a super fun, cheerful, and sunny design and really captured the spirit of the beautiful state called California? Before I even took a sip I had a feeling I was going to be drinking a fruity beer.

As I poured it into my glass I witnessed the bright, tropical, cloudy yellow color. The body of the beer was very light so the beer flowed into my cup quite smoothly and quickly.

When it comes to the flavor notes, I tasted strong and citrusy hops. My alien tastebuds tasted undertones of grapefruit, orange, and slight lemony flavors.

Typically, I would not choose this IPA over a hazy or even a milkshake IPA, which are the ones I enjoy when I come visit Earth. However, if I were to ever want a citrusy hoppy beer that almost immediately made me feel a bit dizzy, this west coast double IPA from the amazing land called California, I wouldn’t hesitate choosing this one!