Firestone Walker’s “Dabbling in Decoction” Pilsner Review

Dabbling In decoction 1 | Devils River Whiskey

Dabbling In Decoction 4As a new member of the crew, finding this Firestone Walker’s Pilsner was definitely treat. The can old school design captures a very traditional vibe and before I even cracked it open, I knew I was in for a nice classical refreshing beer.

Upon opening the can, I smelled delicate and light floral notes. As I served the beer into my cup I was greatly impressed with the smooth, golden yellow pour that this beer produced.

My first impressions of the beer are that it is light and VERY easy to drink. It is slightly bitter, and is a bit more hoppy than most pilsners I am use to. It has a sweet/citrusy after taste, isn’t too watery yet doesn’t have a lot of volume to it, and it feels very smooth to drink.

Considering the fact that I enjoyed this Pilsner before dinner, the refreshing taste and the boost in energy it gave, made me wish that I was at an afternoon barbecue with some friends on a warm summer day. I believe this slightly hoppy Pilsner would be best enjoyed with a good hamburger and would be a great companion throughout the entirety of a bbq or beach day!

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