6 Famous Islands And Their Best Drinks.

Pina colada Puerto rico | Devils River Whiskey

Who does not like beautiful beaches and some good classic drinks in hand, let’s have some vibe of islands with their best and popular drinks. You can have the most relaxing atmosphere and can enjoy your holidays here with friends and family with loads of choices in drinks and some traditional food. Usually Islands are popular to keep perfect refreshments and every Island got their own special and unique drink. Imagine having a cocktail under an umbrella in front of sea and sand, is not that perfect? For liqueur lovers this might be the best thing to check variation of cocktails around the world, also check best liqueurs online before visiting these places so you can make any changes according to yourself. We are going to list down some amazing and unique drinks which you will cherish your whole life while visiting these places. 


  1. Rum in Bermuda 

Bermuda has pink beaches and crystal clear water; it is just a beautiful place to plan out your vacations. Bermuda is also one of the famous places for Rum. The birthplace of rum is Bermuda, all Bermudians know what rum sizzle is and how to make it. It’s the national cocktail for all Bermudians which is served almost in all restaurants and bars. It is blended with different juices and some spices. So, if you want to try something stronger, sizzling and fruiter go for this drink. Since Rum is everywhere in Bermuda, another popular drink is Dark & Stormy. It consists of some dark rum and ginger beer which is perfectly made by Gosling’s Brothers, they started making this drink. The cocktail is refreshing, delightful and easy to make. Bermuda offers other drinks as well, but these cocktails are a must try for tourists and liqueur lovers.


  1. Painkiller in British Virgin Islands

Whenever someone talks about British Virgin Islands, the first thing that comes to mind is the Painkiller cocktail. Soggy Dollar Bar is known to be the popular manufacturers of Painkiller cocktail; they claim to being its producer since the 1970’s. This drink gives a chill vibe to tourists. It tastes so much better when all the ingredients are blended or shaken before adding rum. It is offered by almost all restaurants and bars in British Virgin Island because it is considered as a national drink. What makes it so delicious? Some orange and pineapple juice with coconut cream, adding some rum and nutmeg for garnish. 


  1. Mojito and Daiquiri in Cuba

Cuba beaches are beautiful because of their white sands and usually you can visit it without any cost. Isn’t that cool? Cuba is popular for having amazing cocktails, they have a history in it. This place is a manufacturer of Mojito and Daiquiri. Daiquiri is oldest and famous all around the globe especially in Cuba. The most known version of Daiquiri is the frozen version. Daiquiri is made from rum, because most of Cuba’s drinks are purely made from rum and tropical ingredients. Mojito was said to be used as a medical drink before but now there are a lot of variations of Mojito all over, and the main ingredient in this cocktail is Rum. In Havana people love to drink this cocktail. No other place in the world makes better cocktails than Cuba. It is definitely comforting to your eyes and soul while having these amazing cocktails in the weather and atmosphere of Cuba. 


  1. Pina Colada in Puerto Rico

If you have heard the name of this cocktail, you must be aware of who invented this drink! Puerto Rico is the producer of Pina Colada, and since then it has many variations and consumed all over the world because of its sweet taste. The coconut cream makes it a bit thick, and some pineapple juice in this cocktail tastes so good with rum, a perfect blend for the cocktail. It is so fulfilling that you would not like to have any other thing after that but if needed you can also have some snacks with it! You can enjoy this yellowish drink on the beach with your friends. If not Pina Colada, then try another known drink which is Lavender Mule. The cocktail is made with vodka, so if you are a vodka lover you can try this cocktail. It has a bitter taste because of some spices in it, it is kind of an old fashioned cocktail, but astonishingly one of the fanciest drinks. Do not forget to try this if you are visiting Puerto Rico. Make your night unforgettable with this drink! 


  1. Bahama Mama in Bahamas

Now let’s talk about the Bahamas, this place is absolutely breathtaking. The pink sand beaches with blue water are just beautiful. Imagine having their popular cocktail Bahama Mama at the pink sand beach! It is more like a dream coming true. Bahamas have some amazing and refreshing cocktails but Bahamas Mama is a delicious tropical flavored cocktail made from Rum and some fruity liqueurs. The use of pineapple in the cocktail is more than any other ingredients. Sky juice is another sizzling drink in the Bahamas. This cocktail is made with gin, but sometimes they replace it with rum as well. Sky juice pairs up best with some pastas or rice. If you want to try a light drink, you can have this. It is pretty common at occasions and family gatherings; people make sky juice on their own. 


  1. Rum Punch in Barbados

Barbados beaches are popular for natural beauty, scuba diving, surfing etc. Each beach has their unique thing to enjoy. The Crane beach in Barbados was rated among the best ten beaches in the world. The famous drink in Barbados is Rum Punch. Rum Punch is self-explanatory itself that it consists of Rum mainly. Rum tastes so good in cocktails. There is a song on this cocktail too which is based on its ingredients as sour, weak, sweet, strong and spice, as it is the signature drink of Barbados. Everyone has their own recipe there but they follow the same song recipe which is specifically made for Rum Punch. These cocktails sound like a delicious balance between rum and other ingredients that bring out the subtle flavors of a good rum.