10 Low-Calorie Liquors You Can Drink To Lose or Maintain Weight

Losing and maintaining weight is not so easy. Especially when you are on a strict diet then you come to know how hard it is to resist your favorite food like pizza with extra cheese, creamy pasta, and beer. On the other hand, everyone knows that a healthy diet is very beneficial but sometimes cheat days are considered very good to lift the mood up.

Anyway, if you do want to shed extra fats then you ought to avoid alcohol. It can easily increase your weight because of the presence of syrups, soda, and sugar. Sometimes, you can use calorie deficit liquors. To help you in this regard, we have mentioned 10 low-calorie liquors. Anyone can take them during your happy times without worrying about getting fat.


1. Champagne

It is dry or brittle that is why it has minimum carbohydrates and sweeteners. But it also causes dehydration. It has acidic nature hence some amount of sugar is added to enhance the flavor. Try to take some water while sipping the champagne to avoid water deficiency. On the other hand, it has only 90 calories in it. You can even have this drink by buying them from the best liqueurs online to enjoy your meal fully.


2. Light beer

It is a myth that beer adds so many calories that would give you a belly. it is somewhat true but not completely true. There are also some beers that have very few calories in them. Light beers have 60cal less than regular drinks. However, it’s not good enough to take with dinner. This will add excessive calories which hinder to maintain the desired weight. Nevertheless, you can take this drink. 130 calories are present in it. However, according to the facts, darker color wines contain more carbohydrates. Hence, try to avoid using them. 


3. Rose

Rose, like its name, is a pretty good option to order. But keep that in mind it should not be too sweet like desert roses have too much sugar in them. Before consuming the drink look at the label. A high percentage of alcohol means more calories. So choose your rose wisely. Rose has a minimum percentage of alcohol and has 130 calories in it.


4. Martini

The classic martini is a smart choice. Adding olives in your glass without vermouth is an amazing option to meet the cravings, as well as diet plan. Moreover, olives have monounsaturated fats in them so many dietitians suggest having them. Martini has 125 calories in it.



5. White Wine

White wine is a pretty smart choice. The consumer should know about its various sweetened types such as Prosecco, Rieslings, etc. However, some types are very good to go like Sauvignon and Chardonnay. It contains 122 calories.


6. Red Wine

This drink is very notorious among those who are on a diet. But, anyone can take this and still can maintain the weight. Besides, you have to be vigilant while selecting any drink. You would think about how? Then the answer is simple: select the dry versions e.g. Syrah, Pinot Noir, etc. It contains 130 calories.


7. Hot toddy

A hot teddy is an audacious option to opt during winters. It contains important ingredients like lemon, honey, warm water, bourbon, scotch, and cinnamon. More warm water and less amount of whiskey would maintain the calorie count very less.  Hot toddy has 145 calories in it so it is quite a suitable option to opt twice a month.


8. Tonic water

If you are obsessed with tonic water and also you leave it you must maintain your weight by dieting. Normal tonic has a high amount of sugar so you can opt for diet tonic to reduce sugar intake. Furthermore, you can swap it with sparkling water as well. Add grapefruit in it. This would make the taste better and fulfill your urge. This drink has only 120 calories.


9. Fresh lime and Tequila

Mexican cocktails are the true inspiration of this drink.  Fresh lime easily blends completely in the liquor. Thus, has a low-calorie count. Adding lime juice would also minimize the need for adding syrup. Also, fresh lime juice should be added to elevate the taste. Seltzer or sparkling water will also add taste without gaining fats. It has less than 180 calories which makes it a very suitable candidate during diet times.

10. Vodka and lemon

An extra tart is present in this drink due to the lemon. Its taste is so unique. However, try to avoid adding tonic water in it which would add extra 80 calories to your drink and is not necessary as well. You can also add a little bit of soda water as well to make your drink fuzzy with minimum calories. As vodka alone will dehydrate you, adding soda water would normalize it. Squeeze a lemon in your drink and have an amazing drink without any extra calories. This drink only contains 96 calories and is a very good option as well.