6 Types Of Rum To Add An Exciting Twist To Pina Colada

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All of us like to chill and party either to relax or out of the fun. A country like the USA is very famous for having clubs and bars where people can spend their weekends and chill. The two most important things about a party are people and drinks. We always prefer partying with the people we are most comfortable with. Other than that we love to have those drinks whose taste we are sure about. Many people prefer drinks that are bold in taste and many prefer drinks that are light in taste. A drink that is loved by many and has fame among all sorts of people is Pina colada.

Pina Colada is a drink that is consumed at late-night parties, at a beach with friends on a hot summer day, during random gatherings, and many other events. Coconut cream and pineapple juice both are the main ingredients of pina colada. The crushed ice in the glass in which pina colada is served works as a cherry on the cake. People have tried different approaches to add some exciting twists to Pina colada. Among all the approaches the most famous one turned out to be the combination of rum and pina colada. Rum has made the taste of this drink irresistible. People never saw this coming because of a huge number of myths about rum. We are here to tell you about few rums that are known best for giving a pleasing taste to pina colada.

  • Bacardi Silver:

Everyone loves to have a combo in which the things used in the combination balances each other rather than overpowering it. Pina colada itself is very famous for its taste so a rum that complements its taste should be used. Bacardi Silver is the perfect rum to complement the taste of fruits that a pina colada has. The level of sweetness and the right amount of flavors in this rum is what you have been looking for your whole life. A Bacardi silver is also known to be cost-effective and versatile among other rums.

  • Yolo Silver:

Anyone interested in having gluten and sugar-free rum can go for Yolo silver without any second thought. Just like its name the rum itself is very unique. This drink is designed by experts and has a lot of fame among people. Colorado is the place from where this rum came into being. This drink is called a pina colada ready rum. A lighter rum that perfectly balances the taste of pina colada. Not for the ones who look for a strong taste in rum. But I am sure it’s clean taste will never overpower the taste of pina colada when added to it.

  • Wray and Nephew:

Would you like to have a tropical treat? If yes then Wray and nephew will be the best pick for you. The color of this rum is white and has a kind of taste that many would prefer. Wray and Nephew are unique because of two qualities. The first one is that it satisfies the cocktail cravings of people. The second one is that it perfectly suits a pina colada because of its fruity aroma. You will get the perfect blend of the cocktail while drinking it. This rum adds an exciting taste to your pina colada.

  • El Dorado-Three Year old:

This rum is the perfect drink for the ones who prefer a light drink. El Dorado is a white rum that has a sweet taste and doesn’t have a bold taste. This one is people’s and as well as bartender’s favorite. In fact you will find it under the best rum online section as well. Coconut and cream taste are the ones found in this rum. A slight taste of vanilla can also be detected in it. People prefer this rum because this rum is recommended by many experts and bartenders to be added in pina colada to get a refreshing taste.

  • Stroh 160:

Have you ever had an experience of drinking a spicy pina colada? Or have you ever thought of having it? If not then we are here to tell you about a spicy pina colada. Stroh 160 is the rum behind making a pina colada spicy. This rum is spicy and provides a taste of vanilla and butterscotch. A combo of Stroh 160 and pina colada results in producing a unique spicy drink that people find exciting to try.

  • Bacardi Pineapple:

Where are the pineapple lovers? By this, I don’t mean that a rum having major pineapple taste can only be liked by the people who are pineapple lovers, but the majority are these people only. Bacardi pineapple is the kind of rum that has the perfect taste of pineapple and because of it having a fruity touch, proves to be the best rum for a pina colada. You can have it on the hot summer days and cold winter days both. Grab a Bacardi Pineapple and get a natural pineapple taste while having your pina colada.