Beer Alien Beer Review: Surly Hop Shifter with BRU1, Chinook and Citra

Surly Brewing released this gluten reduced IPA recently which will feature different hop varieties each batch. This one features BRU1, Chinook and Citra hops. The hop variety will be printed on the bottom of the cans so you can tell which batch that can is. For reference, this is batch F4121. (see pic below)

We analyzed this IPA both fresh and a three weeks old to get a good feel for the flavor drop off that can occur with IPAs.  We are happy to announce that no noticeable loss of flavor occurred during our experiment. Like most IPAs, as time passes, they fade in flavor. Eventually the flavor is no where near the original, intended flavor. Check your can dates humans. 

The aroma of orange, pineapple and mango greets you as you pour. Similar flavors are offered up along with berry, bread and pine flavors. We found it ironic that a gluten reduced beer has a strong bread flavor from the malts. The mango and citrus flavors dominate and ride atop the other subtle flavors to create quite a tasty beer. 

Perhaps the best thing about Surly Hop Shifter with BRU1, Chinook and Citra is that is easy to drink. The multiple layers of flavor in this IPA make this enjoyable and leave you wanting more than one. This, of course, is a good thing and luckily Surly Hop Shifter with BRU1, Chinook and Citra comes in multipacks. 

Overall, we would definitely recommend getting this IPA and the future batches as they are released. We suggest that you keep notes so you can compare batch to batch as the hops change. (this may be challenge on Untappd but you have earn those badges, right?)

NOTE: While this beer is gluten reduced, it is NOT gluten free. It is impossible for every can to be tested, but samples that were tested are 10 parts gluten per million. This is below the requirement of 20 parts per million to be labeled gluten free, but since this contains malt, it contains gluten.










For more info on Surly Brewing, visit their website here:

Here is the can bottom showing the hops, batch number and can date: