Surly Brewing releases gluten reduced IPA called Hopshifter

There are three things you need to know about Hopshifter, Surly Brewing’s newest year-round beer:

  1. It’s a new IPA. From Surly. That should be enough, but we committed to three things in the first sentence.
  2. It’s crafted to reduce gluten.
  3. The next one you have may very well be different from this one.

Let’s address the last point first. Hopshifter started in Surly Brewing’s Beer Hall as a way for their brewers to tinker with experimental hop varieties. They’re often so new that they don’t have sweet names like Amarillo or Mosaic yet, just an alphanumeric code. They’d fill a tank, put it on draft, and keep drilling down. It was a Surly-wide learning process, from the humans on their brew team to the hop-hunting IPA lovers who visit Surly Brewing’s Beer Hall. Surly made a dozen versions of Hopshifter over the last year, dialing in what worked and eliminating what didn’t.  They’re now confident enough to send the new variations out into the world for humans and aliens alike to enjoy.

While the end result is now being distributed, the philosophy developed over these months remains the same: Once that tank is gone, it’s gone. The hops shift at will. Embrace the temporary.

The opening salvo is the experimental Bru-1 hop, along with Citra and Chinook. You’ll get pineapple, mango, and tropical aromatics to go with a light-bodied, moderately bitter brew. It’s the perfect introduction to this groundbreaking series of beers. If you have any questions on what Hopshifter variation you’re drinking, check the bottom of the can or the wrap. Surly Brewing bought a laser that etches the hop name(s) onto them. Lasers are cool. Hopefully, Surly did not get their lasers from the same bad junk dealers that sold the Beer Aliens our slightly defective teleporters.

To address point number two, the gluten reduced part, how do they reduce the gluten? Surly Brewing uses an enzyme called Brewer’s Clarex™ to eliminate haze in their beer. That haze consists of the proteins that trigger gluten sensitivities. Without the proteins, you’re left with an approachable, gluten-reduced IPA that tastes like an actual IPA.

Other things worth knowing:

  • Hopshifter will be a can-only release. Surly Brewing can’t guarantee gluten-sensitive draft lines outside of the dedicated ones they have in their Beer Hall.
  • The malt bill is simple. Hops are the showcase. 
  • 6% ABV
  • Tanner put a secret monster on the can.
  • Enjoy this one. It won’t be around long. (On the off-chance that this one isn’t for you, again, it won’t be around long. Try the next one. Check the cool laser etched details.)

Given the limited amount they’re brewing, Hopshifter’s footprint will also be smaller than their other core brands. Hopshifter is currently available in select Surly markets.

For more info on Surly Brewing, visit their site here: