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Wild Basin Hard Seltzer Launches Strawberry Coconut As Standalone 12-Pack

Wild Basin Hard Seltzer announces that their wildly successful flavor, Strawberry Coconut, is launching its solo career. Initially released as part of the Wild Basin Berry Mix 12-Pack, Strawberry Coconut has quickly become a fan favorite, and has been promoted to its own standalone 12-pack format, plus 19.2 oz. single cans. Don’t worry – the band isn’t breaking up – Strawberry Coconut will still be available within the Wild Basin Hard Seltzer Berry Mix Pack.

With every sip of Strawberry Coconut, juicy, sun-ripened strawberry is accentuated by creamy coconut – a delicately balanced combination sure to transport your taste buds to the nearest tropical beach. Every can of Wild Basin is gluten free, vegan and 100 calories per serving, and all of Wild Basin’s adventurous, contemporary flavors are inspired by nature.

“With jammy berry and a hint of coconut, Strawberry Coconut has always been a stand-out flavor. We’re excited that it’s getting a chance to shine as its own, dedicated 12-pack,” said Wild Basin Marketing Manager Sarah Stanoch. “For the Strawberry Coconut superfan, this one goes out to you.”

Find Your Wild. Find Strawberry Coconut and other Wild Basin offerings nationwide now. Please direct questions and sample requests to mediarelations@canarchy.beer

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