WhistlePig Whiskey And Ben & Jerry’s Mix It Up With “Whiskey Biz”

Finally, a whiskey you can enjoy by the pint. Two Vermont-based companies, WhistlePig Whiskey and Ben & Jerry’s, have stirred up a ganache-topped ice cream concoction called Whiskey Biz. The Whiskey Biz™ Topped flavor is a brown butter bourbon ice cream with blonde brownies & WhistlePig Whiskey-infused caramel swirls, topped with white chocolatey ganache & white fudge chunks. It is the first Vermont-sourced ingredient for Ben & Jerry’s since chocolate chip cookie dough in the early 1990s.

Whiskey Biz leverages the finest whiskey, which happens to be just down the road at WhistlePig’s 500-acre farm in Shoreham, Vermont; population 1,242. After more than a year of taste tests, research and development,  WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye was successfully infused into the rich caramel swirl that can be found inside a pint of Whiskey Biz.

For National Cocktail Day, March 24th, WhistlePig’s in-house mixologists combined forces with Ben & Jerry’s flavor gurus to develop a few signature cocktail recipes using Whiskey Biz as an ingredient, as well as the ultimate boozy dessert to pair with your cocktails. Fans are encouraged to grab a pint and a bottle of WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye to create these absolutely delightful cocktail and dessert pairings best enjoyed from the comfort of home. Full recipes for the signature Whiskey Biz cocktail and cake pairing can be found here — and you can find a bonus cocktail recipe for “The Closer” affogato here.

“We’ve had an absolute blast working with our friends at Ben & Jerry’s and could not be happier with the way Whiskey Biz turned out,” says Meghan Ireland, Whiskey Blender, WhistlePig Whiskey. “Having been mostly focused on overseeing the development of whiskey these last couple years, working with flavor house experts at Ben & Jerry’s was a real treat for me. We respect their company ethos and have always wanted to collaborate with their team.”

As all Ben & Jerry’s products are Kosher, WhistlePig embarked on getting a proper Kosher certification for its WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye. Today, WhistlePig is pleased to share that its entire portfolio, with the exception of its 12-Year, is certified Kosher.

Whiskey Biz is available now at retailers nationwide for around $4.99-5.49, depending on your local store.

Learn more at WhistlePigWhiskey.com and benjerry.com.