Update on the future of Societe Brewing in San Diego

Societe Brewing CEO Doug Constantiner offered the following good news about the future of Societe Brewing:


To all of our incredible and loyal fans, thank you.  Thank you for the 8 years of support leading up to the Covid-19 crisis. Thank you for the continued patronage these past 8 weeks.  And thank you for being excited about future releases.  Prior to the pandemic, 90% of our beer was consumed from kegs at bars and restaurants.  Luckily though, we got our own canning line up and running in mid-January and have pivoted hard into packaging. What used to look like a kegging factory now looks like a canning factory.  Our sales team, production team, and retail team have been hard at work making this drastic shift feel normal and thanks to you, we’re now looking to buy more tanks to increase our capacity!  For those of you who miss our tasting room, please know that we miss you too.  And I guarantee you that every bar and restaurant that you miss also misses you.  While it will take some time for this to pass, every time you purchase or drink a Societe beer, you’re indirectly thinking of us here at the brewery and those thoughts definitely make us sleep a little bit better.  Cheers to your health.


The Pupil, The Coachman, and The Harlot six-packs have all been mainstays in Societe Brewing’s line up this year, but they haven’t been the only canned options to come out of their brewery. Beers like their classic Czech Pilsner The Heiress, and their latest seasonal IPA offering, Agreeable Folk have made their way through the canning line. Keep your eyes peeled as Societe Brewing will continue to offer new canned options throughout this year.

Whether you’re just down the street from Societe Brewing on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard or just down the street from some Redwoods in Northern California Societe Brewing has some great options for you to get some Societe beer to go. Their online store is constantly being updated with all of their delivery options (currently available throughout California) and local to-go options. Additionally, you can always place an order for pick up by stopping at the tasting room and safely order from one of their great Pintspeople. 

Would you rather support your local retailer by buying Societe beer? Use this map to find who has your favorite beers in stock near you.

Since day one, you have asked to purchase kegs for your home kegerators. It’s something Societe Brewing was flattered by but unable to say yes to as they were trying to keep up with growing demand for their beer in the market. As Societe Brewing has stated though, times have changed. This change means Societe Brewing must look at every option available to them for getting you the beer you want, so they’ve decided to allow personal keg purchases.  The quantities will be very limited and the offerings may change week-to-week.  Starting today, Societe Brewing has kegs available on Eventbrite for pickup starting Friday, May 15th at noon.  Going forward, every Monday at noon, they’ll go live with more kegs for sale based on what they are canning for that week. Societe Brewing is thankful that you waited as patiently as you did for them to develop this program and we’re excited for you to tap into your very own keg of Societe beer.

Here are some details to help you order:
* Use this link to place an order via our EventBrite page. Free registration, and you pay in full when you pick up your keg.
* Orders can only be made through the EventBrite page, no phone, email, or in-person ordering.⠀
* Pick-ups will begin Friday, May 15th at 12pm, and end on Sunday, May 17th at 5pm.⠀
* These kegs are single use and recyclable- no need for a deposit or to worry about returning them to us!⠀
* These are intended for personal use only.

For more information on Societe Brewing, visit: https://societebrewing.com/