Stone Leave No Stone Unturned IPA Mixed Pack Now Available Nationwide

Stone Leave No Stone Unturned IPA Mixed Pack is now rolling out nationwide, and they’ve got a little something extra to go along with it.

Stone Brewing has teamed up with Jackbox Games to bring you humans hilarious virtual party games to pair with this new mixed pack – which includes the NEW Stone Cosmic Runestone IPA (more on that below). So, 2020 isn’t ALL bad.

The perfect mix of Jackbox Games and these four excellent IPAs lets you share great times and big laughs with your friends and family even if you’re miles away. Stone can’t promise the ultimate pairing will lead you to victory, but if you come out on top in the end, just say they did.

You, Stone’s awesome fans, can use the code STONE for 45% off  The Jackbox Party Pack 3. You can find out more about how to bring Stone beer and side-splitting party games together for the ultimate virtual game night here.

Never heard of Jackbox Games? No problem, learn more about them here.

Details on the new Stone IPA, Stone Cosmic Runestone IPA:

Introducing Stone Cosmic Runestone IPA, a blend of historic Nordic brewing tradition (Voss Kveik yeast and juniper berries) and American craft beer innovation (a healthy dose of Centennial and Sabro hops). Like the eons-old entity that is Stone Brewing’s watchful Gargoyle, journeying through the infinite universe, leaving cosmic breadcrumbs and waiting to be discovered by a fortunate explorer. (That’s you!)

This beer is available nationwide in Stone Leave No Stone Unturned IPA Mixed Packs, and in CA and Richmond, VA in 22oz bottles and on draft. 22oz bottles are also available at the Stone online store, shipping to CA only.

Find the Stone Leave No Stone Unturned IPA Mixed Pack:

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