Perrin Brewing Company introduces a new seasonal variety pack of Clear Coast Fresh Hard Seltzer featuring three fresh and invigorating flavors. The limited release 12-pack of 12 oz. cans is now available at the Perrin Pub and on shelves across Michigan.

Summer in Michigan means sun, fun and long, hot days. The Clear Coast Spring Variety 12-Pack is the perfect complement to gardening, fishing, boating and any hot weather activity. As temps across Michigan reach their summertime heights, reach for these quenching Clear Coast flavors: 

Strawberry Kiwi: Did you know kiwi is a berry? Strawberry and kiwi mingle in this very berry flavor combination.

Orange Passion: Indulge in your passion for fresh, fizzy flavor with this blend of citrusy orange and juicy, tropical passionfruit.

Pineapple Papaya: Tropical flavors hula dance across the palate when zesty pineapple meets luscious papaya.

Inspired by the coastline of Michigan – the longest freshwater coastline in the world – Clear Coast is a crisp, clean, pure hard seltzer made with fresh water and hints of tantalizing fruit flavors. A light, bubbly beverage option, Clear Coast (5% ABV) is 100 calories, low carb, low sugar and gluten-removed, making it a fresh, low-calorie alternative to traditional adult beverages.

Clear Coast, the first Michigan-made craft hard seltzer, offers unique flavor profiles crafted with natural flavoring. Beat the Michigan heat with the new Clear Coast Fresh Hard Seltzer Variety 12-pack in the Perrin Pub and at Michigan retailers. Call 616-551-1957 to order beer and/or food to go from the Perrin Pub. 

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