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Oakshire Brewing brings back No Ghosts orange and tangerine sour

Oakshire Brewing brings back No Ghosts orange and tangerine sour


No Ghosts, the neon green American Sour Ale conditioned on tangerine puree and orange is back for the Summer of 2020. One taste of this beer will take you back in time.

“Brewed as an evocation of the playground days long ago, inspiration for No Ghosts comes from a school lunch trading legend,” says Director of Brewing Operations Dan Russo. “Considered the pinnacle of lunch bag favorites, a drink that had its packaging adorned with the image of a slimy green ghost and a flavor said to be tangerine and orange but its liquid was bright neon green”.

Oakshire released No Ghosts under a slightly different name in the summers of 2018 and 2019.  But only on draft.  “As its popularity grew, we decided to bring No Ghosts back again this year, both on draft and in 16oz cans. Beautiful citrus characters emerge of tangerine and orange, and at 5.5% ABV and with an ideal tartness that makes No Ghosts the perfect summer quencher”, says Russo. No Ghosts will also be available in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado at specialty bottle shops and larger retailers.

No Ghosts adorns its hand-drawn label art with a city and a wall of graffiti showing ghosts and a ghoul-like hop holding a beer. A famously equal car painted with the title “Ghosts” in seen while a large slab of slime oozes down the front of the can. The No Ghosts artwork was created by Margaret Abbasi, local artist and Oakshire Pubtender.  It’s not hard to tell the artwork draws inspiration from that iconic “haunted” drink from the 90’s.

Glowing green pints of No Ghosts are available on draft now at the Eugene Public House patio, with the Beer Hall patio in NE Portland opening in mid-July.  No Ghosts and all Oakshire packaged beers are also available for curbside pickup and home delivery.

Order at https://oakbrew.com/

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