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Lone Pine Brewing to release SLUSH PUNCH Double Fruited Imperial Sour Ale July 25

What more could you ask for in the New England humidity than a slamming, super-fruited sour? Featuring double-doses of CherryšŸ’OrangešŸŠPineapplešŸLemonšŸ‹ and LactosešŸ„›, SLUSH PUNCH is packed with an explosive fruit medley aroma reminiscent of cherry pie and raspberry jam. A gorgeous deep red color tempts you toward the clean balance of sweet and sour, and […]

Crux Fermentation Project releases Bramble Candy sour

Crux Fermentation Project has been enjoying this tart twist on their newest barrel-aged blackberry sour ale lately, just look at the color on it! After months ripening in red wine barrels with a tangled blend of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus, they infused their wild farmhouse ale with Oregon blackberries. Dripping with juicy berry notes balanced […]