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NEW Craft Beer Documentary Launches On Amazon Prime Video


UPDATE: May 29th 2020As we’ve all had to do over the last few months, we need to adapt and make a quick change. Poured in PA: The Series will still release this Monday, June 1, but now on Poured in Pennsylvania’s YouTube channel. 

Local video production company, GK Visual​, announced a new documentary, Poured in PA: The Series, to launch on Amazon Prime Video on June 1.

Poured in PA: The Series is GK Visual’s third project highlighting craft beer in Pennsylvania. It follows their award-winning feature-length film, ​Poured in Pennsylvania​ (2018), and ​Brewed in The Burg​ (2015).

“The members of Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry share a common goal — to put our state on the map as a leader in brewing,” said Nate Kresge, Executive Producer and Co-Owner of GK Visual. “We are proud to share these stories that showcase the strong and unique individuals that comprise this group.”

Poured in PA: The Series​ continues where the film left off, highlighting the people — brewers, owners, designers, farmers, influencers — who are shaping today’s craft beer industry in Pennsylvania.

“As soon as the film came out, we saw quickly how the craft beer industry is constantly evolving and growing,” Kresge said. “We knew we wanted to continue following and sharing these stories, and this series provides us that opportunity.”

The first five episodes of the series will release on June 1, 2020. Hosted by Danielle Hartman, each episode tells one or more stories related to Pennsylvania’s craft beer community. A Brewery Spotlight, a brief overview of an individual brewery, closes out each episode.

Poured in PA: The Series will stream on Amazon Prime Video. It is available free for Amazon Prime members.

Viewers are encouraged to follow Poured in PA on ​Facebook​, ​Instagram​, and ​Twitter​.


About Poured in PA

Poured in PA is a documentary series from GK Visual showcasing Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry. Its award-winning, feature-length film, ​Poured in Pennsylvania​ (2018), received a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination. Poured in PA: The Series continues its high-quality storytelling in an episodic format. Both will stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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