LUKI Brewery Uses New Wild Yeast Discovered In A Graveyard

LUKI Brewery is a circus-themed brewery that opened up during the pandemic in Colorado. They are releasing a sour called Potion 7B Blueberry Mango Sour right before Halloween that uses a new yeast called WildBrew Philly Sour. It was introduced this summer and has the ability to produce both lactic acid and ethanol at the same time during primary fermentation. This means the sour magically puckers and ferments at the same time.

What’s interesting, and slightly morbid, about the WildBrew Philly Sour is that it was discovered by wild yeast hunters at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia in a tree at a graveyard.

Thus it’s quite appropriate that LUKI will be releasing their Potion 7B Blueberry Mango Sour for Halloween. To tame this concoction, LUKI added blueberry and mango puree to the cauldron, which imparts an amazing hard candy finish to the beer.

Potion 7B Blueberry Mango Sour – releasing Friday, October 30.
Here is a look at LUKI Brewery, inside and out:

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“When we were building the concept of our brewery, we kept returning to our central themes of family and shared experiences.  We realized our family’s past was the path to the future, as the Roaring 20’s era of the circus perfectly captured these themes.  We wanted to create a comfortable space that evokes awe and amazement with a beer menu built by the community.  No scary clowns, no overly bright colors and lights, but a contemporary take on a classic time in America.  A century of time may separate the family, but the foundation hasn’t changed.  Create entertainment.  Wonder.  Community.”  Read more about this story on LUKI Brewery’s website.

14715 W 64th Ave Units A&B
Arvada, CO 80005
(303) 421-2603

WildBrew Philly can be ordered HERE