Kombucha Brewing Product Set to Disrupt the Industry Exceeds Funding Goal in 48 Hours

Thea Kombucha’s Kickstarter campaign exceeds its funding goal in less than 48 hours for its new home-brewing product, Kombucha Starter Seed™, The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home™.

The company’s innovative product is revolutionizing the way kombucha lovers can make the all-natural fermented tea at home. The Kombucha Starter Seed™ is a first of its kind dry blend of yeast and probiotics necessary to transform up to one gallon of regular tea and sugar into real home-made kombucha in 7-10 days.

The quick-activating formula is 100% natural and made without any synthetic ingredients. The unique process used to create the Kombucha Starter Seed™ allows the product to have a long shelf-life to make it accessible to consumers in supermarket shelves and natural product stores.

About Thea Kombucha Company:
Thea Kombucha Company, LLC. is a Denver, Colorado based company founded in 2017 to manufacture and commercialize a dry yeast & probiotics formula for kombucha home-brewers.