NEW ITEM: Jiant’s ‘Jungle Juice’ Hard Kombucha

Jiant announces the launch of Jungle Juice, the modern beverage brand’s third hard kombucha to be released as part of their celebrated seasonal release series. Jungle Juice brings together sweet cherries, bright pineapple, zesty orange, and fresh-brewed hibiscus and yerba mate. Jungle Juice delivers a delightful splash of nostalgia, as an elevated and tropical riff on fruit punch. This light but layered blend is brewed from all organic and non-GMO ingredients, including Dragonwell Green Tea, sustainably sourced honey, and real fruit.

“We drew inspiration for this seasonal release from the historical origins of Jungle Juice, which contrary to popular belief, did not originate in some fraternity but rather in the jungles of the South Pacific during World War II,” notes Jiant co-founder Larry Haertel Jr. “As the story goes, active-duty American soldiers stationed in the South Pacific lacked access to traditional alcoholic beverages.  As a result, they turned to fermenting fruits, plants, and anything they could find in the surrounding jungle to create literal ‘Jungle Juice’.”

Jungle Juice Brings An Elevated Kombucha Twist To Traditional Tropical Punch

Jiant’s version is equally rooted in improvisation, combining unexpected ingredients to create a flavor profile that is both familiar and surprising. Like any good punch, Jungle Juice is fruit forward, balanced, and party-ready. Starting in October, the 5% ABV hard kombucha will be available in 16oz single cans in select retailers across the country.

Jiant launched their seasonal selections in January 2021, bringing limited-edition offerings to market four times per year, kicking off the program with ‘Cool Beans’ and ‘Taco Tuesday’.  Each launch highlights intriguing ingredient combinations that redefine hard kombucha’s flavor potential. Like all of Jiant’s hard kombuchas and hard teas, Jungle Juice is an invigorating choice for consumers seeking a transparent alcoholic beverage alternative.


Founded in 2019 by Larry Haertel Jr and Aaron Telch, Jiant views tea and botanicals as the perfect canvas for a new kind of adult beverage, one that doesn’t rely on conventional ingredients and has a nutritional profile more aligned with what today’s consumer wants. Their approach to hard kombucha, and now hard tea, is traditional in process but unconventional in results, offering beverages that are expressive and interesting while remaining accessible and surprisingly light.

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