Now we all know that San Diego brewers don’t shy away from an IPA and perhaps you also may know that Iron Fist Brewing is no stranger to San Diego, but the brew team is always careful when considering approaching another IPA. With so many great breweries producing them in SD, if they were to do it, it had to feel unique in the market.

With three IPAs in their core line up already, they set themselves a challenge of adding another; but this time a DIPA. While this is an avenue they’ve gone down in the past, this month’s release, Night Creep, a Black DIPA, sees the brewing team pushing into new territories. “I suppose the starting point was all the Sabbath we’ve been playing in the tap room. We knew that we had a DIPA in the schedule and we all just felt inspired by Ozzy. This one needed to be a little bit dark and different” says Tom Garcia, Iron Fist Brewmaster.

Knowing about a number of celebrated Black DIPAs out in the market, the IF brewing team started with how they could make this new beer stand out. They began toying with the idea of brewing with an unusual yeast, something that would bring a distinctive flavor to a DIPA. The end result, brewed with Idaho Malt for the base of fermentation, truly created something unique by allowing the complex hop profile to shine through even within the darkest of IPAs. Pouring dark black with a full head, Night Creep is a balanced blend of earthy dank hops and overtones of citrus, floral and pine hops. Choice kiln roasted malt imparts not only blackness but a mild toast undertone.

Garcia’s choice of yeast and a cold fermentation method ensured a clean flavor and a silky smooth finish, meaning even coming in hot at 8.5% ABV (it’s a DIPA after all), Night Creep is still highly drinkable. Garcia explains, “Many DIPA’s have a very perceivable high ABV, so the alcohol comes in quite hot. With Night Creep we set out to create a DIPA that is full bodied, drinkable, that pushes the boundaries of the style without crossing into Stout territory.”

Where did the name come from? “Go easy…it’s definitely smooth enough to creep up on you!.”


Appearance: Dark Black with full head.
Aroma: Very light fruit esters, touch of toasted bread, floral citrus, herbal earthy dank hops.
Flavor: Big herbal pine/floral hop notes, touch toasted oak, balanced bitter finish.
Mouthfeel: Full bodied, medium carbonation with a thick head. Drinkability is high.

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