As the days grow longer and the sun finally starts piercing through those clouds, Iron Fist prepares to toast the long hot days to come with Celeste–a deeply refreshing Belgian style Saison.

Recalling history, the Saison style of beer dates back to the 1700’s. As part of the Farmhouse Ale category, and because of their historically long shelf life, these beers were originally brewed in Winter so they were ready to quench the thirst of les saisonniers (seasonal laborers), who would be toiling under the hot sun come harvest time. Typically varying from region to region, the Saison is meant to truly embrace the local climate and native ingredients.

Fast forward a few (hundred) years and beam yourself to Iron Fist Brewing, Vista, CA and you will find a new Saison. Brewed using traditional Belgian methods, with a touch of celestial magic and perfected for the California sunshine, this Saison balances malty and tart notes with aromas of citrus, light clove, banana, and a hint of bubble gum.

A light bodied beer lifted by a lively carbonation, like all (real) Saisons you can count on a crisp, dry finish. Strong notes of Lemon and White Pepper produces a mildly tart, well balanced, refreshing beer.

Iron Fist Brewmaster Tom Garcia explains, “We brewed Celeste as a Belgian style Saison in anticipation for Summer and all the good times that follow. After the primary fermentation, we let Celeste free rise (warm up) to 78F. This process allows more complex flavors to develop and mature. We used a great deal of patience to allow Celeste to rise up to her full potential. Our secret ingredient, time. Most Saisons will ferment 95% in the 1st week; however, the last 5% takes the watchful eye of a brewer anticipating the beers full potential. We’re super pleased with the results and can guarantee you, Celeste was worth the wait!”

Celeste is the 5th release from the brewery’s new Small Batch Experiments, succeeding the popular Fresh Perspective IPL, Cheap Suit Brown Ale, Hazy Hippie Trail IPA and Sol del Barrio Mexican Lager. With the last two SBE’s selling out in less than a month, the demand for these releases are heating up and it’s expected to move pretty quickly– especially if the sun returns! Available in limited release draft exclusively at Iron Fist Taprooms, Petco Park, and selected events with a limited release of 500 cans for take away customers.

About Iron Fist Brewing:

Iron Fist Brewing Company started as a family passion for the best hand-crafted beer in the world. Founded in 2010 and still residing in Vista, San Diego County, we have a style steeped in tradition with a healthy thirst for experimentation that finds us constantly collaborating and concocting limited brews alongside our main line up. Our vision is to continue to experiment with our brewing using traditional methods (and a little madness) to create new all-time classics that will rule your taste for years to come.

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