Newly launched YouTube docu-series In Hops We Trust explores the world of craft brewing across the United States, with Season 1 (launched last month), focusing on production company, The Ambassador Studios’ home state of New Jersey. Tomorrow, host Ralph Saro Jr. sits down with the folks at Hoboken Brewing Co., with a special Thanksgiving episode November 25, at Ironbound Hard Cider in Asbury Park, NJ. In each episode, the In Hops We Trust team sit down with the characters behind your favorite microbrews, delving deep into what drives them to create something special. Watch a preview of episode 4 here.

In addition to the docu-series, the In Hops We Trust app allows beer fans to have a singular place to access and view exclusive content. Follow the In Hops We Trust crew when they are onsite by viewing behind-the-scenes pics, and to learn more about the breweries, utilizing the check-in/passport program The Ambassador Studios continues to develop and expand. Download the IHWT app via iOS App Store orGoogle Play

The brainchild of Ruth Jozwiak, Chris Kindred, and Ralph Saro Jr., the idea for In Hops We Trust began as one for beer tourism, before morphing into a combination celebrating a love of beer, the art of the craft, and the economy behind this multi-million-dollar industry that employs tens-of-thousands of Americans across the country.In Hops We Trust looks to explore in-depth, not only the variations in the processes of beer brewing, the people behind the process, and the passion they put into being brewers, but also highlight the enthusiasm of beer lovers to hunt and discover breweries both locally and around the world.

With the training wheels kicked off and series officially launched last month, co-produced Jozwiak stated,

“To put Season 1 of In Hops We Trust together was a lot of hard work. Many hours were dedicated to getting it right! This project has been in the works for over a year, and I could not be more proud of what our team was able to accomplish.”

Host Saro Jr. added, “I feel it’s the culmination of a lot of things… time, money, livers and brain cells, all sacrificed to build this project to where it is now. And there’s much more we are excited to do with both the series and app.”

Kindred offered, “Ultimately we hope we entertain people and help breweries achieve a higher brand recognition.”

The craft brew industry has exploded in the U.S. in the past decade, becoming not only the employer of tens-of-thousands of Americans, but also a cottage tourist industry of its own, with people making small, local breweries part of their travel itinerary. And in these times of COVID, hopping in the car or Winnebago (with a designated driver) to safely explore the varied, wonderful flavors of different beer styles.

“We wanted to focus not just on the beer or the brewing process, but on the people behind it. It’s their product, their story. They are the driving force behind the craft beer industry and our show,” sums up Sano Jr. “And it doesn’t hurt that a lot of them are extremely entertaining.”

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