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DraftBottle’s Stainless-Steel, Reusable Beer Bottle Now Available in Stainless Steel & Black

To kick off the 2020 holiday season, DraftBottle LLC announced the immediate availability of two new colors, Brushed Stainless Steel & Gunpowder Black. The new colors are available for pre-order now, and will be shipping by October 1, 2020. DraftBottle (MSRP: $24.99), is a patented stainless-steel insulated beer bottle which unscrews below the neck to easily fill with draft beer, or any other beverage.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from customers about the durability and functionality of DraftBottle. To provide an even better product for our customers, we are very excited to announce that DraftBottle is now available in two new colors,” said Chris Lyons, Inventor/Owner at DraftBottle LLC. “The new stainless steel and black colors fit in nicely with our classic Steel Blue bottle, and there’s more to come!”

Lyons had the idea for the DraftBottle when he wanted to enjoy a beer from his home kegerator in his yard, but didn’t want to use a cup/mug. “Plastic cups spill, the drink gets warm or flat, debris falls in and filling a glass bottle from a tap foams over easily,” Lyons says. “There wasn’t anything out there like it, so I filed for a design patent and off we went.”

DraftBottle is available for sale, with free shipping in the USA on orders over $40 at DraftBottle.com. A wholesale program is also available for retailers who would like to resell Draftbottle through Faire Wholesale Marketplace & on DraftBottle.com.

DraftBottle Features
DraftBottle unscrews below the neck allowing you to easily fill it with 1 Pint (the bottle will hold 22oz in total) of draft beer, beer from a growler, mixed drinks or any other beverage. It’s made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and the base cup is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep your brew cold!
The reusable screw cap prevents spills and stops anything unwanted from getting inside. The exterior is powder coated to help durability, it has a new silicone bottom and has a leak-proof seal around the separation. DraftBottle is eco-friendly, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

DraftBottle Uses
The uses for DraftBottle are endless. There is the obvious use for draft beer, beer from a growler, glass bottled/canned beer, and so on. It also is great in the heat around your pool, where you do not want glass drinkware/bottles, at the beach, on the boat, in the yard, tailgating, golfing and on and on. We have also had feedback of customers using them as water bottles since it allows users to easily add ice to the cup, and it even makes a great kids cup, since it’s durable and insulated.

DraftBottle LLC, a New Jersey Limited Liability Corporation.
Visit https://draftbottle.com.

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