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DC-Based Cidery Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community with New Philanthropic Can

DC-Based Cidery Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community with New Philanthropic Can


Last year when ANXO Cidery set out to celebrate pride in a meaningful way, they partnered with DC-based nonprofit Casa Ruby to host a dinner and opportunity to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community. After hearing about Casa Ruby’s mission to create successful life stories among transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals, ANXO knew they wanted to use their platform to spread awareness and raise money for an organization that continuously supports one of the country’s most vulnerable communities. Today, ANXO is celebrating Pride with the release of a special edition can of their flagship Cidre Blanc cider, with a portion of sales going to Casa Ruby.

Cidre Blanc Pride is the same bright and refreshing dry cider that ANXO fans currently know and love, packaged in a newly designed rainbow can. $1 from every 4-pack of Cidre Blanc Pride sold will go to Casa Ruby, DC’s only organization founded and led by transgender women of color. ANXO aims to donate over $1,000 for Casa Ruby over the course of this month, starting with an $800 initial donation independent of cider sales.

ANXO ciders are created with a process similar to making natural wines, but packaged like beer for easy drinking. Their ciders start with apples purchased straight from farmers which are then juiced, fermented dry, and canned at 6.9% ABV. Made with only apples and either native or wine yeasts, ANXO ciders are free of additives and adjuncts, making them naturally sugar free, gluten free, and low carb.

Cidre Blanc Pride cans are available for delivery to over 40 states through ANXO’s website, making them easy to send to friends and family across the country for virtual Pride festivities. Pride cans will also be available in select markets at stores where ANXO is sold starting this Friday.

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