Cigar City Brewing Seltzer

Cigar City Brewing Puts The Lime In The Coconut And Shakes up Seltzer

This Fall, hard seltzer fans will see a new take on an instant favorite from Cigar City Brewing. An extension to their original citrus-forward mixed pack, Cigar City Seltzer Limeades will bring a slightly tart, refreshing option to shelves in four distinct flavors including Cherry, Mango, Peach and Coconut, which all complement a distinct limeade base. The Limeade Mixed 12-Pack will be available for distribution across Cigar City Brewing’s national footprint beginning in Fall 2021.

“Admittedly, we arrived a little late to releasing craft seltzers, but the timing has worked to strengthen our innovation,” said Maria Grieshaber, Brand Director at Cigar City Brewing. “Most producers were already on their second and third iterations when we released our first. We have been able to take advantage of what we are seeing on shelves, and more importantly, what we aren’t. While lemonades and tropical lines are seeing a surge, we felt that we could go in a slightly different direction. The Limeade Mixed Pack has the traditional flavor combinations people look for, while also offering a surprise or two, and feedback during testing has been amazing!”

A focus on recognizable fruit flavor, a handcrafted approach, and quality ingredients have set Cigar City Seltzer apart from other entries in an ever-growing beverage segment. The carefully crafted seltzer provides a clean, refreshing canvas for the brewery’s new Limeade iterations.

Each can of Cigar City Seltzer clocks in at 100 calories, one gram of carbs and 5% ABV. Inside the new Limeade pack, find 12 cans in these classic flavors:

  • Coconut Limeade Seltzer: A refreshing seltzer boasting tropical qualities of toasted coconut and lime peel
  • Mango Limeade Seltzer: Bright acidity from two tropical fruit flavors recalls tiki drinks and fruit punch
  • Cherry Limeade Seltzer: Ripe lime qualities are punctuated by pithy cherry flavors and vibrant carbonation
  • Peach Limeade Seltzer: Ripe peach and zesty lime flavors mingle in an effervescent spiked beverage

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