California Governor Signs Bill To Allow Charitable Donations By Alcohol Producers

California bill A.B. 1267 has been signed by California Governor Gavin Newson. The bill allows alcohol producers to donate a portion sales proceeds to a nonprofit charity subject to certain limitations. The term alcohol producers includes breweries, wine growers, sake breweries and distilleries.

A provision of the bill states:

  1. “The donation is only in connection with the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages in manufacturer-sealed containers.”
  2. “Promotion or advertisement of the donation shall not directly encourage or reference the consumption of alcoholic beverages.”
  3. “A donation shall not benefit a retail licensee, or benefit a nonprofit charitable organization established for the specific purpose of benefiting the employees of retail licensees and the advertisement or promotion of a donation, shall not, directly or indirectly, advertise, promote, or reference any retail licensee. This is not intended to preclude the identification of licensed retailers as permitted by Section 25500.1.”

For the full text of A.B 1267 and additional info, visit: