Home Featured The BREWBattle Comes Home July 29 2020: Round 3 – El Segundo Brewing Vs. Pizza Port
The BREWBattle Comes Home July 29 2020: Round 3 – El Segundo Brewing Vs. Pizza Port

The BREWBattle Comes Home July 29 2020: Round 3 – El Segundo Brewing Vs. Pizza Port


Beer Alien will be participating in the modified “ROUND 3 of BREWBattle-Home Edition” presented by Common Theory Public House, San Diego on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020. The event will be presented virtually or Dine-in with the option of voting online. Please read the “HOW IT WORKS” below.

Due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19, Common Theory has made the decision to alter this year’s traditional event to allow online voting option. There aren’t many battles like this and we want BREWBattle to continue the fight.



COVID-19 Social Distance Approved
· Dine-In or Online Voting Event ·
· You Don’t Have to Leave Your House ·


Round 1: Abnormal v. Alpine —> Winner: ABNORMAL

Round 2: Mikkeller v. Pariah —> Winner: MIKKELLER

7/29-8/11 Round 3: El Segundo v. Pizza Port —> Winner: ???

8/12-8/25 Round 4: Melvin v. Modern Times —> Winner: ???

8/26-9/8 Round 5: Burgeon v. Belching Beaver —> Winner: ???

Round 6: Amplified v. Societe —> Winner: ???

Round 7: Fall v. Pure —> Winner: ???

Round 8: Bell’s v. Thorn —> Winner: ???



Round 10: ??? v. ???

Round 11: ??? v. ???

Round 12: ??? v. ???


Round 13: ??? v. ???

Round 14: ??? v. ???



????? v. ????

How It Works
How It Works
Each round, 2 participating breweries will bring 2 of their best beers to battle.

2. PURCHASE a BREWBattles flight consisting of all 4 beers, either for Dining In, OR canned for Take-Out. Beers will be labeled A, B, C, & D for blind tasting. (Order for take-out at https://www.toasttab.com/ct52r/v3 and select “BREWBattles 2020” from the Drop Down Menu)

3. VOTE online (link provided with your purchase), ranking the beers from 1 (best) to 4. (Limit 1 vote per person)

4. FOLLOW @commontheorysd on Instagram for announcements on the winners at the end of each round.

WINNERS OF EACH ROUND get to move on to the next round (think March Madness…).The ultimate BREW BATTLES CHAMPION will win:

1) Bragging rights


2) A permanent tap at CT for 1-full year!To see the Full BREWBattles Schedule and more details, visit www.commontheorysd.com/brewbattles

Follow the Beer Alien BREWBattle Group for updated information


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