Behind the Bar: Lane Lessman of Pizza Port Solana Beach

We continue our beertender shout-outs with the lovely Lane Lessman of Pizza Port Solana Beach. Lane has resided in North County San Diego since she was 9 years old, and currently lives with her long-term boyfriend, her Golden Retriever Cooper, and kitten Sage.  It has been 6 1/2 years since Lane began working at Pizza Port.  After dabbling in the kitchen for a few years, she began serving up delicious craft beer behind the bar. A jack of all trades, Lane worked as GM for about a year, as well as being the Kitchen Manager at both San Clemente and Bressi Ranch locations.  Eventually, she found herself gravitating back behind the bar where she has the most fun; getting to meet new people and learning about new beer (her favorites being Belgians and Stouts).

Through the awesomeness that is Pizza Port, Lane also had the opportunity to participate in a brew day with former Pizza Port brewer Devon Randall, currently Head Brewer at Arts District Brewing in Los Angeles.

Lane reminds us that her job is not always sunshine and daisies, although we assume this would be true for adorable humans like herself. She claims to have grown a tough skin pretty quickly, having to come up with polite ways to deter some of the more forward customers, the occasional arrogant regular who thinks he shouldn’t be charged for beer (yes they exist), and the every annoying Pliny questions.  Although Lane loves working in the amazing industry that is craft beer, her long-term goal is to put her Biology major and love for animals to use by becoming a veterinarian. So before Lane goes off to bigger and better things, make sure to visit her at Pizza Port, where she slings brews Thursday through Saturday during the day!

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