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Beer Review: Collective Arts’ Berry, Banana. Açai & Granola Smoothie Sour

Take everything you find and love about a breakfast fruit bowl and put it inside of a beer, this is what you get.

We might not be able to say this beer is exactly healthy, but we put all the good-for-you ingredients into this legitimate breakfast-esque Smoothie Sour. Strawberries, Blackberries, Acai Berries, Banana, Granola and Milk sugar, all heightened with bright acidity. – Collective Arts Brewing

Pours cloudy and a bit hazy, with about an inch of pale pinkish head that lingers just for a couple of minutes and it’s reduced to a halo. The color of the beer is a fuchsia/pink and gorgeous to look at. The smell is what makes this beer and I can detect notes of  berries and banana, as well as vanilla, wheat and lactose acidity.


Sometimes, its hard to find a good fruity sour beer. I am so glad that Half Time Beverage was able to get this for me. To say that this is one of the best fruity sours I’ve evert tastes, is an understatement. The smell, the taste and the look is what makes a great beer, Collective Arts Brewery has accomplished all of this inside this one can. I can only imagine what their other sours would taste like.

Hey Collective Arts Brewing, think of this Alien if any samples of your sour beers ever become available.

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