Ballast Point Sets Sail With Holiday-Worthy Seasonals

As the temps dip below 70° in Southern California, it’s time to collectively agree that fall is now the very best time to drink beer. It’s that highly anticipated time of year when Ballast Point makes available their seasonal brews in limited releases. Whether you’re looking for a classic seasonal porter or something that bends the rules on autumn beers, the brewers at Ballast Point have got you covered so keep your eyepatch peeled.

VICTORY AT SEA – Now on draft in all Ballast Point taprooms and in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on shelves throughout Ballast Point’s distribution network.A big porter crafted to weather any storm, the well-loved original Victory at Sea Imperial Porter with coffee and vanilla is a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. Ballast Point infused this robust porter with whole vanilla beans and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold-brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination. Although the winters in San Diego aren’t very wintery, the brewers at Ballast Point wanted a warmer, winter ale that brings comfort on those days when you can see your breath. This Imperial Porter clocks in at 10% ABV and gets most of its roasted flavor from coffee beans.

PUMPKIN DOWN – October 26, 2020 – On draft at Miramar, Little Italy, Home Brew Mart, Anaheim, Long Beach
This is a pumpkin ale that bucks the trend. The caramel and toffee maltiness of Ballast Point’s Piper Down Scottish ale is the perfect backdrop for a boatload of roasted pumpkin. Just before packaging, the brewers add a subtle amount of spice to complement, but not overwhelm, the earthy flavor. ABV: 5.8% (Draft)

BALLAST POINT’S SOUR PROGRAM – November 2020 – On draft at Miramar, Little Italy, Home Brew Mart, Anaheim, Long Beach
Ballast Point is going Sour Wench all the time with the launch of their monthly draft sour program in November. This artful gypsy will surely lure you into the wild world of sour beers. Ballast Point’s original Sour Wench Blackberry Ale is a fruity Berliner Weisse-style beer bursting with Oregon blackberry flavor and aroma. The fruit addition adds a beautiful violet hue, and the taste has an approachable soft tartness from kettle souring. The Ballast Point sour program is anchored out of their Long Beach brewpub and you can expect 2-3 sours on draft at all times, year-round.

  • Sour Wench – kettle sour
  • Flavored Sour Wench – rotating monthly flavored kettle sour
  • Foeder Sour *(released when properly conditioned)

ALE NOG: November 18th and December 10th –  On draft at Miramar, Little Italy, Home Brew Mart, Anaheim, Long Beach
This eggnog-inspired seasonal ale and holiday favorite always flies right off the taps, so Ballast Point is releasing it in two installments in order to savor its goodness a little longer. Ale Nog is a cream ale brewed with nutmeg, lactose and vanilla and served on nitro. ABV: 6.2% (Draft)

VICTORY AT SEA SPECIALTY CAN RELEASE – December 13, 2020 – To celebrate the kick off of the “darkest day of the year,” Ballast Point is releasing a limited quantity of it’s specialty version of Victory at Sea — Salted Caramel Victory at Sea in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans. Available while supplies last at all Southern California Ballast Point taprooms.

With Ballast Point officially returning to independent craft brewery status when Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. officially took ownership earlier this year, San Diego’s 2nd largest brewery will once again have the flexibility to get more specialty releases into the hands of a thirsty public — and beyond just draft only. The 5bbl pilot system housed in the Little Italy brewpub serves as a brewers’ playground for the exploration of styles and non-traditional methods and is ground zero for innovation. In any given year, there are on average 125 unique, experimental beer recipes ready to brew on a commercial scale from the Ballast Point R&D team. Kings & Convicts recently shipped their mobile canning line from Highwood, IL to Ballast Point’s Miramar location in early September.  This means that some of those 125 recipes that Ballast Point’s brewery team cooks up annually — along with a few fan favorites — will eventually make their way into 4-packs of 16 oz. cans, including this specialty version of Victory at Sea.


VICTORY AT SEA DAY(S): December 13-20, 2020 – Miramar, Little Italy, Home Brew Mart, Anaheim, Long Beach
The 7th annual “darkest day of the year,” Ballast Point’s annual Victory at Sea Day in December gets a slight makeover in 2020. Instead of one day, Ballast Point is extending the celebration of dark beers for an entire week. Eight+ extremely rare variants of the original Victory at Sea, as voted on by the employees, will be featured along with several barrel-aged versions including:

  • Victory at Sea Mexican Hot Chocolate – brewed with the addition of real cane sugar, cayenne pepper, lactose and cocoa
  • Victory at Cereal – brewed with the addition of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch® cereal and lactose sugar
  • Victory at Sea Oreo – brewed with crumbled Oreos from Specialty Produce and vanilla

Further details, including how to purchase tickets to this year’s Victory at Sea Day(s), is forthcoming.