Ballast Point Brewing Co. Awards 2nd Annual “Brewing for Diversity” Scholarship

pints of beer lined up
Raymond Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Ballast Point is pleased to announce the recipient of its 2nd annual Brewing for Diversity annual scholarship initiative in partnership with the UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies Brewing Certificate Program. Ballast Point’s Brewing for Diversity scholarship seeks to advance diversity and inclusion across all aspects of the brewing community by providing avenues for education and opportunities for future professional employment. The scholarship grants underrepresented students the funds and tools they need to participate successfully in Extended Studies’ Brewing Certificate Program.

This year’s recipient is Chris Leguizamon, a first-generation Latin American who had paused furthering his education in brewing due to financial reasons. Chris is an Advanced Cicerone, Certified BJCP judge and current beer industry professional. The Brewing for Diversity scholarship allows him to gain additional education and industry knowledge as a means to empower and inspire others to take the next big steps in their beer careers through education.