AleSmith Brewing Company – Hazy .394 Release Details

AleSmith Brewing Company is thrilled to bring back its seasonal favorite Hazy .394. This San Diego-Style Pale Ale is the hazy cousin to their original .394, a collaboration with Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn first launched in 2014. San Diego Pale Ale .394 has since won the hearts of craft beer lovers in San Diego and across the United States, and this hazy version of the ever-popular baseball beer will grow in fame as it showcases a more full-bodied and creamier pour than its predecessor.

“For this creation we combined the intense hop aromas of our hazy IPAs with the delightful smoothness of .394 Pale Ale,” AleSmith’s Head Brewer, Ryan Crisp says. “The result is an irresistibly hoppy and exceptionally drinkable Hazy Pale Ale that’s bursting with notes of juicy grapefruit and mango.” 

It was important to the AleSmith team to create a beer that had the same robust flavor and personality as the original .394, but with the added smoothness of a hazy brew. Perfectly balanced and with a touch of tropical fruit in the finish, Hazy .394 comes in at 6.0% ABV and is available both in draft and 12 oz. cans. This beer will appeal to a wide audience with its palate-pleasing characteristics. It will pair just as easily with ballpark favorites as it will with a plateful of tri-tip.

Hazy .394 debuts this month and runs through June, celebrating “America’s Greatest Pastime” and the life of San Diego’s hometown hero and baseball legend, Tony Gwynn. The beer will be available throughout the AleSmith distribution footprint, in your favorite better beer grocery and liquor stores.

Hazy .394 Specs

Label Copy: Similar to fan-favorite San Diego Pale Ale .394, this beer pays tribute to Tony Gwynn and the career-high batting average he achieved in ’94. This hazy version showcases intense hop aromas of tropical fruit and citrus with a full-bodied, smooth finish.

ABV:                  6.0 %

Package:           Draft (5.16 gal, 15.5 gal), six-packs, 12 oz. can

Distribution:    CA, AZ, MN, VA, OH, TX 

Availability:      Seasonal – April – June through AleSmith’s distribution network





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