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Airways Brewing Space Church IPA Cans Are Back

Airways Brewing Space Church IPA Cans Are Back


One of Airways Brewing’s most popular and rarely brewed beers is back in cans today, and available at both locations. Space Church IPA celebrates the aerospace industry in the Kent Valley with this hasy juice-bomb featuring Galaxy, Cistra, and Comet hops. 

Airways Brewing has also canned up more Jumbo Juice, so if you’ve had trouble getting some as they ran out this week, it’s back today.



To keep things running smoothly, and eliminate as much money handling as they can, Airways Brewing has set up online ordering for both locations. You can prepay for most of their available items online (growler refills and fills of guest beers are walk in only).

Just follow the buttons on the website, click on the Shop Now links in Facebook, or Links in Bio on Instagram. You are also still welcome to call in and prepay for an order over the phone, or stop by at any time.

You can also check the online store for current availability. As Airways Brewing works through the limitations of having fewer people on hand throughout the day as well as frequent unavailability of ingredients they’re used to using, Airways Brewing is finding that some things take a bit more effort to keep in stock. So if you don’t see something you’re looking for, check back, or give them a call. 


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