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8 Types Of Exotic Sodas You Need To Try

Sodas are one of the most consumed products out of all the beverages. Sodas are a part of almost all the gatherings including weddings, get together, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. Let’s just accept that a meal is never complete without a soda in hand.

There are so many varieties of sodas available all over the world. Coca Cola alone has a whole lot to choose from. When you are traveling, there is a huge list you make that includes all those things you want to do during your trip. Listen to us and this time do add a list of exotic sodas to try when traveling and thank us later.

Here is a list of eight exotic sodas that you need to try out. You can either buy them from a grocery shop or you can also find them at any online liquor store easily to order. The eight amazingly exotic sodas are as under:

  • Guarana Antarctica
  • Fanta melon frosty
  • Sweet blossom and lavender
  • Sunkist
  • Cherry Coca-Cola
  • Mauby Fizz
  • Bundaberg Passion fruit

.:: Guarana Antarctica ::.

For all those of you who do not know what Guarana is, it has a plant that belongs in the Amazon Basin in Brazil. Guarana plant is known to have a very high percentage of caffeine. Some say it has more than then caffeine itself and makes it a favorite energy gaining supplement. About 70 percent of guarana that is produced in Brazil, about 70 percent of it is used in making beverages, sodas and energy drinks in the beverage industry. It has a number of health benefits so you must give the drink a try. Guarana Antarctica is considered to be the National drink of Brazil. This drink is the kind that you should never miss in your lifetime.


.:: Fanta Melon Frosty ::.

Fanta melon frosty is known to be a worldwide sensation when it comes to sodas. It has been featured at the world of Coca cola in Atlanta Georgia and also at the Epcot park that belongs to Disney. The drink is loved and so a petition was made and signed in order to make this drink available in the United States. For all those who don’t know, this drink belongs to the Japanese and is one of the most favorite drinks in Thailand.  You’ll want to come back for it again and again, make sure you get a suitcase full of it before going back home.


.:: Sweet Blossom and Lavender ::.

You may get an idea of the drink just by reading its name and yes you have reached right. This drink has the most amazing sweet taste. If you are a lover of the spring season you’d definitely want to get your hands on this one. This is a Bulgarian drink and is made from Bulgarian lavenders. It is known to have a very crisp and clean taste. It is available in many other flavors as well such as rose and jasmine.



.:: Sunkist ::.

Ahh! Sunkist, the flavor is just amazing. The drink is basically an orange drink which is made in the United states. This drink is something that you can’t get enough of. When you visit the United States make sure you give this drink a dry. Thank us later.




.:: Cherry Coca Cola ::.

The cherry flavored coca cola is quite famous in the US. Not only did it gain importance in the present times but the coca cola company got the idea in 1985 when people used to add cherry flavoring to coca cola. It became famous and so the company officially launched it as well.




.:: Mauby Fizz ::.

Mauby Fizz gives you the taste of the Caribbean. For all those of you who don’t know what Mauby fizz is, it is a type of a bark of a tree. It may seem sweet to some when consumed but has a bitter after taste. But it is still amazing. Some say it has a weird taste but still end up liking it. It is available in a number of cities such as Guyana, Bermuda, Barbados etc.




.:: Bundaberg Passion Fruit ::.

If you ever go to Australia and not have this drink, you’ll be doing a crime. People who have consumed it before and those who do every day say that it has a taste similar to that of Kombucha. However, it does contain a very small percentage of alcohol but it tastes amazing.
This drink is made by using the fermentation process which uses yeast with sugars to ferment the brew which is used as the base of this drink. Natural passion fruit is added to the drink as well to give your taste buds a good haul.


The above mentioned sodas are a must try when you are visiting these countries or if you have someone coming in from there. You would definitely want more of them and would never get enough of them.