Beer Alien intercepted this press release from Coca-Cola today. The power of the craft beer industry is starting to show as Coca-Cola announces that they will bring Sessionable to Soda pop. Humans rejoice!

Atlanta, Apr. 1, 2014 – The Coca-Cola Company announced today that they will be entering a new line of soft drink, named Coca-Cola Sessionable. Coca-Cola Company claims that this new soft drink contains all of the flavor of its parent drink, Coca-Cola, while providing a 75% drop in caffeine, sugars and calories. This new soft drink will hit store shelves by the end of April and will sit alongside it’s parent drink, Coao-Cola.

“Watching the growth in the Craft Beer Industry led us to create this innovative new product. We believe it will be very popular with craft beer enthusiasts for its all day drinkability.” said Coca-Cola president Jim Bean.

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