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Wild Goose Filling Systems Announces Ready-Ship Program for Canning Lines

Wild Goose Filling Systems Announces Ready-Ship Program for Canning Lines


Wild Goose Filling Systems, pioneers in canning and bottling lines for craft brewers and specialty beverage makers, has released a new program called “Ready-Ship” to service customers with tight deadlines to set up a proprietary canning line.

With thousands of canning and bottling lines across the globe, an order for a Wild Goose canning system can sometimes take weeks to build according to customer specifications. With the “Ready-Ship” program, brewers and specialty beverage makers can order a two-head canning line that is ready to ship in one week, or two weeks for customers outside the U.S.

The canning line for the “Ready-Ship” program is an automated system, hand-built at Wild Goose’s facility in Louisville, Colorado using American-made parts. It utilizes a patented two-head filling station, automated lid dropper and proprietary seaming station, capable of producing between 24 and 30 cans per minute. In addition, the company offers a number of ancillary modules that include: depalletizers, rinse tunnels, inlet pressure and temperature monitoring and a compressed air package to create a complete packaging line.

“With the craft beverage industry growing so rapidly, many of our customers have asked for a standardized canning line that allows them to sell pre-packaged beverages quickly,” said Chris Fergen, chief executive officer at Wild Goose Filling Systems. “The two-head system allows them to build their own canning capabilities and is flexible enough to grow with their business. Like all Wild Goose systems, it is engineered for craft customers.”

Wild Goose designs a range of canning lines to fill up to 100+ cans per minute and 250+ cases per hour. The two-head “Ready-Ship” system can be upgraded with additional fill heads to provide more cans per minute or fitted to accommodate a wider range of can sizes. The system is designed to grow with customers’ needs.

About Wild Goose Filling Systems

With decades of experience in brewing, canning, and bottling craft beverages, Wild Goose Filling Systems provides filling systems for beer, cider, kombucha, cannabis, wine and other ready-to-drink beverages. Having pioneered the first craft canning and bottling systems on the market, Wild Goose systems have patented technology that maintains the highest quality levels for packaged beverages. Their expertise in engineering and focus on craft beverages sets them apart from other systems on the market. With unmatched efficiency, operational control and excellence in customer service, Wild Goose provides canning and bottling systems to thousands of customers around the globe.

To find out more, visit www.wgcanning.com.

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