Whiskey In A Can, the innovative cocktail drinking experience, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring three new flavors to the masses. Without the backing of any major players, Whiskey In A Can, an independent start up, has already made its debut with Highball, a whiskey cocktail infused with lime, ginger, and soda. Whiskey In A Can is continuing to bring their vision to life. Three new flavors hope to be added to the family: New Fashioned (oranges and bitters), Cali Mule (grapefruits and ginger), and Bourbon Lemonade (lemons and lavender).

As a thank you, supporters of the Whiskey In A Can Kickstarter campaign get first access to limited edition merchandise as well as a VIP experience at the launch party in Los Angeles, and even the chance to throw their own Whiskey In A Can party. 

“We wanted to take all the guess work out of drinking a whiskey cocktail. We were exhausted of the seltzers in the market and beer bloat, so we created something to be so enjoyable that you’ll want more than one anywhere you go,” said marketing CEO DJ Lampitt.

The project hopes to raise $25,000 by July 21st to bring their new flavors to a global market.

To support the Kickstarter campaign, visit http://kck.st/2WSAQF7. For all the latest news follow @whiskeyinacan on Instagram.

About Whiskey In A Can

Whiskey In A Can is a revolutionary whiskey cocktail experience. A beer alternative, Whiskey In A Can is a no added sugar, all natural, barrel aged whiskey cocktail with ingredients that put a refreshing twist on the old classics. It uses a selection of the best aged whiskey with just the right level of carbonation to quench your thirst. Whiskey In A Can strives to be safer for the environment by using E6PR, an Eco Six Pack Ring compostable product. When disposed of properly, E6PR degrades in days. Made from compostable, organic materials, the rings cause no harm to wildlife in case of ingestion. Whiskey In A Can is the brain child of Nick Harborne, creative director, and DJ Lampitt, operations and marketing CEO. With a combined background in the alcohol industry of 15+ years, the Canadian natives have created an innovative way to share consuming good whiskey with the new generation. https://www.whiskeyinacan.com/

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