WeldWerks Announces Stellar Bottle Releases in time for GABF

Medianoche Weldwerks | Devils River Whiskey

WeldWerks is thrilled to unveil its latest series of Medianoche releases just in time for GABF, featuring the highly anticipated 2023 Medianoche. Here are all the details you need:

2023 Medianoche

Mark your calendars for the exclusive release of 2023 Medianoche at the WeldWerks taproom on Friday, September 15th. This time, we’re keeping it local and won’t be using Eventbrite for sales—so hurry, as supplies are limited! But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the taproom, because this exceptional brew will also be available at select retailers across 15+ states, including Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, California, Kansas, Michigan, and Illinois.

Our 2023 Medianoche is bigger and more complex than ever before. We’ve handpicked unique barrels and expanded our Medianoche base recipe selection, incorporating traditional Medianoche, wheated, rye, extended-boil, and short-boiled variations. After aging for an impressive 24-30 months, this blend comes to life with distinct notes from exclusive barrels, including Buffalo Trace Warehouse X Experimental bourbon, Law’s Whiskey House Rye, Eagle Rare Bourbon, Old Fitzgerald Bourbon, Old Elk Bourbon, Wheated Weller and Weller 12 bourbon, Breckenridge Bourbon, and Templeton ten-year Rye. Expect to savor flavors of Nilla Wafers, melted caramel, fresh chocolate chip cookies, oak, and hints of cinnamon pecans—a truly extraordinary blend.

Medianoche Weldwerks | Devils River Whiskey

Peanut Butter Cup Medianoche

Prepare your taste buds for a sweet sensation as we bring back the fan-favorite Peanut Butter Cup Medianoche! Tickets for this delectable brew go on sale via Eventbrite on Saturday, September 16th at 10 a.m., with in-person pickups available from September 17th to October 15th. No access code required; the ticket page will be live right when the sale begins.

Our decadent blend starts with ten-year-old Eagle Rare bourbon and 12-year-old Elijah Craig bourbon barrels, infusing an intense oak essence into the base. These barrels were carefully selected for their distinct peanut butter and dark chocolate notes. To enhance these already indulgent flavors, we’ve added a blend of peanut flour, cacao nibs, and irresistible peanut butter cups. Get ready for an exceptionally indulgent treat!

Tropical Medianoche

Get ready for a tropical journey with Tropical Medianoche, the fan-voted favorite from WeldWerks’ first-ever staff Medianoche contest. Our teams competed to create unique and flavor-packed blends, and Tropical Medianoche emerged as the winner, thanks to the support of Medianoche Market attendees during the inaugural event in June.

This special brew has been aged for 27 months in six-year-old Fitzgerald bourbon barrels, adding depth and character. Inspired by the classic tropical drink, the Dirty Monkey, Tropical Medianoche is bursting with delightful flavors of bananas, coconut cream, and pineapple. Kudos to WeldWerks’ production team for crafting this one-of-a-kind Medianoche!

Don’t miss out on these extraordinary releases, and stay tuned for the ticket sale via Eventbrite for Peanut Butter Cup Medianoche and Tropical Medianoche, starting on Saturday, September 16th at 10 a.m. Happy tasting!