Skål owner Adam explained the concept of the beer hall: 
“Skål (meaning “Cheers”) is our interpretation of a Viking meadhall. The meadhall was the center of the community – a welcoming spot to gather or to host visitors from afar. It was the hall where stories of adventure, exploration, and new ideas were shared and debated over food and drink. It was filled with cheer.
As Ballard residents of Norwegian and Swedish descent, we aim to honor the Nordic roots of our neighborhood through a relaxed, communal beer hall experience – what we envision a Viking meadhall would be like today. Our great hall will offer a rotating selection of local craft beer, cider, and mead, regional wine, and specialty cocktails (with emphasis on the Scandinavian favorite – aquavit).
The open kitchen – inspired by the idea of a Viking butcher shop – will feature bar bites and shared plates that explore wild flavors from the woods and sea. Imagine (if you will) gathering near a roaring fire at the edge of a fjord. Here is where you’d find our food. There will be Nordic influences, traditional bar snacks, and a whole lot of meat (but meatballs are unlikely, sorry Grandma)! Stay tuned for the full menu.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. Come have a beer or three. Order from our kitchen counter and bar. Chat up your bartender. Play a game. Cozy up to the fire. And invite the whole village!
We are an all-inclusive, community-centric gathering spot. We will be family friendly (for all our little Vikings out there!) in our front section, 21+ in the back. After 8pm, we’ll likely be 21+ only.
We hope to raise a drinking horn and “Skål” together when we open!”


Skål Beer Hall

5429 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

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