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Viewpoint Brewing Co. Setting The Standard As Del Mar’s Only Brewery

Viewpoint Brewing Co. Setting The Standard As Del Mar’s Only Brewery


Last Sunday, the Beer Aliens landed near Del Mar Fairgrounds to visit a new establishment. This has been the talk among beer drinking humans for about 10 months now. Located along side the San Dieguito river, Viewpoint Brewing Co. is the first brewery in the city of Del Mar and it definitely sets the standards for any others that would want to follow their footsteps. 

To say that Viewpoint is just a brewery would be a huge understatement. This place is such more more than just that. Owner/Chef Charles Koll made sure that every small detail it’s looked after. From the food menu and the staff to the overall look and feel of the establishment; and it will take your breath away. The beautiful Rustic look you see as you walk-in quickly disappears as the open floor concept opens up to an amazing view of the river and the surrounding wild landscape.

Crudo – Raw fish, mango, grapefruit topped with Tajin seasoning.

As good as this sounds, it is not the best part of Viewpoint. First, we need to talk about the food. I know that we should be talking about the beers, which by the way are delicious, crisp and refreshing but many time we see a brewery trying to serve food that does not complement the beers they offer. Often, those menus can become daunting and overall disjointed. Who wants to eat Duck Confit and Pot Roast an 11:00 am in the morning? Maybe some of you would but most beer drinkers would rather have different options. Some food items are better off enjoyed at a restaurant over wine. That been said, I do not want to give you the impression that Viewpoint Brewing food Menu is child’s play. No SIR… It Is PERFECT. The food and beers dance under the same orchestra of taste and flavors.

Let’s get back to the beers. As I stated before, they are delicious. Owner Charles Koll Started us out with a taste of their Chefeweizen, this one was brewed with cumquats that originated and harvested locally. This beer is one of the best Hefeweizen we’ve ever tasted. We also got to try their Strawberry Blonde straight from the tank, it’s soon-to-be released and also brewed with local ingredients. Then we met Keely, our super nice and helpful beer-tender who suggested a flight of beers to accompany our main dishes. The flight included:

  • BLONDE ALE: Seriously crushable! Light, crisp and refreshing, with a dank hop finish.
  • MOE’SAIC PALE ALE: Sticky and tropical. Finished clean and dry while Mosaic lingers on the nose.
  • GOLDEN STRONG ALE: Belgian style ale with esters coming from an abbey yeast. This medium body ale has floral overtones to complement the golden raisin sweetness. With just a hint of banana on the finish. (Sometimes on Nitro)
  • BAMBOOZLED IIPA: Mosaic and Amarillo hops with a hint of papaya on the nose. Drinks like dank IIPA with a grassy finish.

Each brought out different characteristics of flavors and aromas that peeked our interest. 

In closing, we can say without any doubt that Viewpoint Brewing Co. puts the beers and the food in the same Playing field, evenly across. With beers this good and food that taste great, why would you want to wait, even for a second, to visit Viewpoint Brewing Co… GO NOW!!!!

Did we forgot to mention that Viewpoint Brewing is KIDS and PET friendly? 

Viewpoint Brewing Co. is located at:

2201 San Dieguito Drive. Del Mar, CA 92014


    MONDAY: 5 TO 9 P.M. 
  • FRIDAY: 12 TO 10 P.M. 
  • SATURDAY: 11 A.M. TO 10 P.M.
  • SUNDAY: 11 A.M. TO 9 P.M.

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