US Beverage announced the launch of a new non-alcoholic beverage category to their ever-increasing portfolio of brands. The Stamford, CT based US Beverage, known for their selection of premium craft and import beverages, unveiled the first product line of the category: Nectar Girl™ All-Natural Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers.

Nectar Girl™ All-Natural Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers are made from all-natural fruit juice, fruit oils and 100% organic agave nectar. Nectar Girl™ All-Natural Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers are an exciting new alternative to traditional Cocktail Mixers. The Texas based brand features six incredibly fresh flavors, crafted with all-natural ingredients like fresh Mexican key lime, Persian lime juices, real Texas grown ruby red grapefruits, 100% organic agave nectar and real fruit oils. In addition to being delightfully delicious, each flavor boasts of only 69 calories!

Nectar Girl™ All-Natural Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers are committed to never using high fructose corn syrup, added sugars, fake sweeteners, or artificial colors or flavors. They were born out of the idea that there had to be a better way to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail. Each flavor of the brand blends easy with a variety of spirits, even beer and wine. Nectar Girl™ flavors to date include the classic Top-Shelf Margarita, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Spicy and Hot Chili Pepper, Cumber Mint, Moscow Mule, and Mojito. The products are available in 750 ml and 1-liter glass bottles.

“We are honored to be working with all the Nectar Girl Team to bring this superior product to market,” Justin Fisch, Vice President- General Manager of US Beverage stated. “We are very excited by the opportunity to take this extraordinary brand to new levels of success in the United States. We feel it is the perfect product to highlight and kick-off our new initiatives in the non-alcoholic beverage space.”

Nectar Girl™ Cocktail Mixers first launched out of Dallas, Texas in 2013, and can be found in over 500 retail stores, restaurants, and venues across the state. US Beverage will begin select market expansion of Nectar Girl products beginning November 15, 2017. All responsibilities for sales, marketing and distribution will be handled by US Beverage in partnership with Nectar Girl™ All-Natural Low Calorie Cocktail Mixers.

“We are really excited to partner with US Beverage in the roll-out of Nectar Girl™ mixers across the US, added Brian Bailey, Co-Founder of Nectar Girl, LLC. “From late night mixing agave nectar drinks in my kitchen, to delivering cases to restaurants, bars, and stores out of the back of my truck across Texas, we have come a long way with our desire to produce and market great tasting, all natural, healthier-for-you mixers. From the get go, we have said a great mixer always makes a great drink, and a bad mixer can be mixed with the best liquor and will disappoint. We are very happy to have US Beverage on our team in hopes that more and more people will be able to enjoy truly outstanding drinks. Cheers!”

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