Universal Terrestrial Music Video | Seven Kingdoms

Seven-Kingdoms_Zenith-01If you been following Beer Alien from the beginning, then you might’ve heard the story on how we met and how Beer Alien came to be. But did you know that both aliens here, Terry Bunch & Raymond Melendez are also Metalheads?

Beer Alien Terry is the founder and editor-in-chief of MetalLife.com and Beer Alien Raymond is also the founder and editor-in-chief of sdmetal.com (down for maintenance). It is not a known fact that Aliens do enjoy metal music, not every extraterrestrial being does but some of us do.

Here’s the music video for Universal Terrestrial by the band Seven Kingdoms. The band, in an early lineup, recorded their independent debut album, Brothers of the Night, in late 2007. The album was heavily inspired by the writings of fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin (Game Of Thrones). However, their new album, Zenith, has some Extraterrestrial undertone that I have enjoyed since the released.

If you are a fan of Power Metal music, Game Of Thrones, fantasy tales, etc. then you might enjoy Seven Kingdom. Please check out the Music Video for Universal Terrestrial below