Une Annee Brewery new releases week of Nov 9 2020

Une Annee / Hubbard’s Cave have five (5) new releases this week:

Janet’s Brown Ale is a tribute to Mike “Tasty” McDole and his famous recipe. It’s a 6.6% Hoppy Brown Ale that many home brewers will know, featuring rich chocolate malts and a nice, balanced bitterness from a higher-than-average-for-the-style addition of assorted American hops. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will go to cancer research.
Fresh IIPA V49 is an 8.5% ABV Hazy Imperial IPA w/ Simcoe, Styrian Dragon, and Styrian Wolf hops. Ever experimentalists, this is the first time Une Annee has tried either of these Slovenian hops, so they were paired with the house-favorite Simcoe to make it a little safer bet. They were pleasantly surprised by the results for this new addition to the V-series, with the Styrian hops lending some almost Sabro-like coconut and cedar vibes, along with a beautiful tangerine character.
Le Seul XIX (Aronia) is a 6.5% American Wild Ale w/ Aronia (aka Chokeberry). This one is an annual fall-release. The Aronia cuts into the acidity of their house-culture with a round, berry sweetness, making this one a crowd favorite.
Accident in Hubbard’s Cave is a 12.0% Imperial Stout w/ no adjuncts or extra ingredients. This is the base for many of their pastry stouts, but sometimes they just need to keep it simple.
Päncake Walk is a 12.0% Imperial Stout w/ Chocolate, Coconut, Maple Syrup, Pecans, and Lactose. When their friends at Pulpit Rock released a beer called Köffee & Cakes, Une Annee had a little fun and came up with this bad boy. Inspired by their Cake Walk, Une Annee added Maple Syrup and made a few other tweaks to call it their own. Some of this went into barrels so quantities will again be limited – they have about 20 cases so first-come first-served.
Order these beers here (while supplies last): https://www.toasttab.com/une-annee-brewery-6343-gross-point-rd/v3

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