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The Underground Speakeasy At The Mob Museum Adds New Cocktails, Mocktails

Inspired by bootleggers and rumrunners, designed to appeal to the palette of the modern guest, The Underground at The Mob Museum introduces new cocktails and mocktails to its speakeasy bar program.

Guests can step back in time and select from more than 20 Prohibition Era-inspired creations, each paired with a story of its real historic origins. Among the spirits featured in the cocktail collections is the Museum’s house-made moonshine, made in its 60-gallon, custom-made copper pot still. Enhanced with herbs, fruit and other infusions to create palate-pleasing drinks—all The Underground’s cocktails recall libations people enjoyed made with their home-distilled spirits during Prohibition.

New cocktails include:

  • Bang the Rum Slowly: rum, pineapple, orgeat, lime, alchermes, bitters
    When Prohibition ended in 1933, Don Beach knew exactly what he needed to do – open a bar! Don’s Beachcomber, later called Don the Beachcomber, was known for its tropical décor and rum cocktails. Today, Beach is best known as the father of tiki culture, but legend has it he started as a bootlegger in Southern California.
  • Plaza Antiqua: mezcal, cinnamon-infused brandy, chocolate-infused Vermouth, spicy bitters
    Thirsty Americans crossed the Southern border to quench their thirst in Mexican cantinas during Prohibition. Established venues such as Agua Caliente and the Mexicali Beer Hall in Tijuana introduced Americans to Mexican beers along with tequila and mezcal.
  • Clover Club: gin, Lillet, lavender, raspberry, lemon, egg whites
    The Clover Club is named for a men’s club in Philadelphia that met in the posh Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. First concocted in the 1800s, it was already a classic by the time Prohibition passed.

With patrons seeking a variety of options, The Underground features alternatives for guests seeking non-alcoholic options. Each refreshing drink combines different floral, fruity and effervescent ingredients. Non-alcoholic options include:

  • Keep Sober Cocktail: grenadine, lemon, elderflower tonic
  • Our Rosemary Grapefruit Fizz: grapefruit, rosemary, tonic
  • Raspberry Lavender Fizz: raspberry, lavender, lemon, soda water

For more information, please call (702) 229-2734 or visit Admission to the speakeasy is included with general Museum admission. The speakeasy is also free for patrons using the daily password found on Instagram stories @MobMuseum_Underground at either the lobby podium or side entrance.

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