Surly Brewing releases The Hop Pack, a 12 pack containing 4 different IPAs

In these uncertain times, when you will pay good money to never hear “in these uncertain times” ever again, be certain of this: Surly continues crafting innovative, hop-forward beers. And when you don’t necessarily want to linger in your local liquor store or bottle shop to browse what’s new, Surly has put all these innovative, hop-forward beers into one single box. 

Presenting The Hop Pack, in stores now and available to all Surly markets. Containing Furious, Yummi Bear, Minor Miracle, and The Rye Wolf, you get a healthy variety of hop heavy beers all in one 12-pack.

Surly releases a variety pack every quarter. It introduces new beer to the market, highlights some of their flagships, and gives Surly Nation a good idea of where the brewery’s head is at.

Like everyone, their collective head is in a vastly different place right now.

One thing Surly Brewing has found to be true is that having something to look forward to helps, especially in this climate of vague deadlines and constant postponements. If you’re a craft beer lover and that thing involves a whole hell of a lot of hops, all the better.

Ground yourself with the return of the Surly Hop Pack to stores. Here are your featured beers, all hoppy, all helpful:

  • Furious. Have you found out you’re working from home with a partner who’s a “put a pin in it” and “let’s circle back” guy? Are your kids forming a separate nation-state where Daniel Tiger rules with an iron fist and distance learning is an afterthought? At the end of whatever day this is, enjoy Surly Brewing’s flagship IPA.
  • The Rye Wolf. The Zoom call with embarrassing items in the background? The fruitless grocery store run that features empty shelves and shoppers who think “social distancing” is a hoax they read about on Facebook? The Rye Wolf howls with you. Brewed with spicy flaked rye and dry hopped on Lotus and Mosaic, expect an IPA with intense, candied-citrus flavor notes and a peppery, earthy bite.
  • Yummi Bear. You miss your neighborhood bar? Your attempts at online dating during a global pandemic are going as well as the phrase “online dating during a global pandemic” indicates? Clear the haze with Yummi Bear West Coast-style IPA. Surly Brewing’s celebrated 2019 seasonal returns for an encore with all the citrusy hop flavor you want and a classically dry finish that leaves you wanting more.
  • Minor Miracle. Unexpected good news in your grim social media feed? A fully stocked toilet paper aisle at your uncrowded big box store? Celebrate these minor miracles with a Minor Miracle. A Beer Hall favorite making its market debut, this hoppy ale is light-bodied with a big hop punch and notes of orange peel and papaya.

Look for the Hop Pack on your next supply run at a local liquor store near you.

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