STRYKK Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand Announces US Launch

Distilled and bottled in the UK, non-alcoholic spirits brand, STRYKK™, featuring an impressive range of the highest quality alternative-alcohol options, is excited to announce the launch of its core range of spirits in the US market for the very first time.

STRYKK™ was the first brand in the UK to mimic mainstream spirits and has been meticulously developed for over two years in collaboration with top bartenders. The carefully crafted STRYKK™ distillation process is 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavouring, yet fuelled with the unmissable vibrant and exciting taste you would expect from your traditional boozy drink of choice, making the switch from your favourite spirit to alcohol-free an easy one.

Whether you opt for a simple serve, classic cocktail or neat over ice, STRYKK™ provides an authentic drinking experience appealing to those looking for an option with all the spirit and none of the alcohol.

Elegantly Spirited CEO and co-founder of STRYKK™, Alex Carlton, said: “We are really excited to launch in the US – the ultimate global market with a powerful place on the world’s cocktail stage and a growing health culture. Demand for non-alcoholic spirits is gathering momentum in the US where drinking habits are being driven by a growing interest in wellness. Americans are looking to moderate their drinking and STRYKK™ is well positioned to satisfy drinkers with premium quality spirit alternatives.”

The three signature STRYKK™ spirits are available now on offer from Amazon Prime, at $29.99 (usually $39.99); NOT G*N, NOT R*M, NOT V*DKA.

STRYKK™’s ingredients are sourced from all over the world by its expert in-house flavour team in conjunction with top bartenders, to ensure only those of the highest quality make the cut. These ingredients then go through a rigorous process mirroring that of traditional alcohol, involving maceration with water and alcohol for up to 4 weeks. STRYKK™ then uses a modernised production process of steam distillation in stainless steel stills, followed by blending & filtration to create the perfect zero proof spirit.